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Axalta Coating Systems Ltd is a chemical company engaged in marketing, manufacturing, and providing transportation, performance, innovative and sustainable coating solutions, technology, and systems. 

It provides its services in two business divisions, including the Performance Coatings segment that generates a majority of Axalta’s revenue by delivering liquid and powder coating products and solutions to the customers, and The Transportation Coatings segment which specializes in providing coating technologies to the vehicles’ original equipment makers (OEMs). 

The company’s headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Axalta Coating Systems Ltd is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘AXTA’. 

Axalta claims to offer its services in Asia-Pacific, North American, Latin American, and EMEA countries. Its coatings protect various applications from corrosion and help in increasing productivity and enhancing durability. The various applications include electric motors, commercial vehicles, building facades, light vehicles, refinish applications, and more.  

The company claims to consist of 48 training centers, 47 manufacturing centers, 29 laboratories, and 4 R&D centers. In five years, it acquired 25 companies and consists of more than 50 brands.  

The company delivers coating systems to electric cars and light truck original developers that use the company's products to provide performance and color palettes. Axalta provides lush basecoat colors, protective clear coats, and various other superior corrosion protection that can withstand bad weather and road conditions. The AquaEC electrocoat products provide superior corrosion protection to an original developer of a light vehicle. 

Axalta delivers a line of primers, pre-coats, base coats and clear coats, including HyperDur primers, ChromaDyne base Ccats, HyperDyne pre-coats, and Lumeera clear coats. 

The company’s Harmonized Coating Technologies delivers coating formulations and application systems to light vehicle OEMs for increasing productivity, saving energy, and minimizing costs in vehicle manufacturing. This technology uses three systems, including Eco-Concept,3-Wet System, and 2-Wet Monocoat System for protecting each layer of coating. 

Axalta has developed a partnership with the industry’s largest interior integrators that helps in ensuring the production, development, and supply of products around the world. Through this partnership, the company develops innovative coatings for automotive interiors. In addition, it delivers color and durability products to the exterior surfaces. 

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