SSE PLC is a multinational energy company with its operations in the UK and Ireland. Headquartered in Perth, Scotland, it is one of the leading energy firms in the UK, which was formed by the merger of Scottish hydroelectric and Southern electric in 1998. It works in both fields of renewable and non-renewable energy. While the SSE Thermal operates in the UK power stations, SSE Renewables builds and manages onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK and Ireland, and hydroelectric projects in Scotland.

SSE functions with the help of its subsidiaries like Southern electric, Scottish Hydroelectric, SSE Thermal is involved in power generation, transmission and distribution of electric supply and other energy and utility services. With a generating capacity of more than 10,500 MW, it owns approximately 35% of SGN operating in southern England and Scotland. Apart from electricity generation from gas, oil, water, wind, coal, it also focuses on energy portfolio management, telecommunications, mechanical and electrical contracting, metering services etc. It provides customer solutions to all kinds of businesses, ranging from large public and corporate firms to small startups that need extensive support. It powers around 4 million homes and businesses by transporting clean, green, and renewable energy in villages, towns, and cities across its region of operation.

In alignment with the UH Sustainable Development goals, SSE has tried to set some fundamental goals for 2030, which puts sustainability at the core of its business strategy. This will not only help SSE but everyone in the long run and will help in building a better world of energy, socially and environmentally. SSE’s focal point is renewable electricity generation, so it focuses on creating a sustainable infrastructure with low carbon emissions to support the goal of zero-carbon transition. Therefore, it invests heavily in energy efficient distribution grids for onshore and offshore wind farms, hydro power and other energy products and services for businesses. In addition to these, it also tries to decarbonise its energy generation with the help of emerging hydrogen technology and carbon capture. 

SSE PLC is a public limited company and it is listed in the London stock exchange and is also a component of FTSE 100 index.  It employs over 12,000 people and is recognised as a real living wage and fair tax mark accredited company across the UK and Ireland.

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company address Inveralmond House 200 Dunkeld Road Perth PH1 3AQ

company phone+44 345 071 971

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