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Founded in 2015, South32 Ltd is an Australia-based globally diversified metals and mining business that is engaged in production of aluminium, bauxite, nickel, alumina, manganese, silver, metallurgical coal, lead and zinc in South America, North America, Australia and Southern Africa. It also has a high grade lead, zinc and silver development option in North America and have partnered with various junior explorers with a bias to base metals. The company’s long-term objective is to create value by producing commodities that are used in every aspects of life. Its operations and development options are diversified by commodity and geography and it aims to create enduring social, environmental and economic value. The company’s shares are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE), Johannesburg stock exchange (JSE) and Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

The company operates through its four business divisions that include Australia, Southern Africa, South America and Exploration & Projects. In Australia the company consists of four mines that include Cannington, GEMCO, Illawarra Metallurgical coal and Worsley Alumina. The Cannington mine is one of the world’s largest producers of lead and silver and it also help to deliver reduced greenhouse gas emissions by offsetting gas consumption with solar power.  Groote Eylandt Mining Company operation (GEMCO) produces high-grade manganese ore and company holds 60% of its interest.

The Illawarra Metallurgical coal mine produces high-grade metallurgical coal that has application in steel making and it is exported around Australia and other countries. The company holds 89% interest in Worsley Alumina, which produces bauxite and then it is transported to overland conveyor belt to a refinery where the bauxite is turned into white alumina powder, which is then exported to smelters across the world. 

In southern Africa, the company consists of Hillside Aluminium, Mozal Aluminium and South Africa Manganese.  The Hillside Aluminium smelter uses alumina imported from its Worsley Alumina assets to manufacture high-quality aluminium. The Mozal Aluminium is a smelter and transport infrastructure to Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo.  The South Africa Manganese mine is located in manganese rich Kalahari basin, which contributes 80% of the world’s manganese ore body.

In South America, the company consists of two mines that include Brazil Alumina and Cerro Matoso. The Brazil Alumina business is engaged in each stage of aluminium production, which consists of bauxite mining, refining it into alumina and smelting alumina into aluminium metal. Cerro Matoso operation is one of the world’s largest producers of ferronickel. 

The company has three Exploration & projects that include Eagle Downs Metallurgical coal, Hermosa and Ambler Metals. The company holds 50% interest in the Eagle Downs project, which is a high quality, large and fully permitted metallurgical coal development project. The Hemosa project is the company’s base metals project, which was acquired in 2018. The company acquired the 50% interest of Ambler Metals in 2020, in a joint venture with Vancouver-based Trilogy Metals. It is a high-grade development option in Northwest Alaska.

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