Founded in 1975, Games Workshop Group Plc is a UK-based producer of Citadel Miniatures and fantasy miniatures. The group’s headquarters are in Nottingham, United Kingdom. The group is engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, and selling fantasy miniatures and associated products including games, paints, molding tools, books, brushes, and so on. The company has approximately 500 retail stores in over 23 countries and company’s trade sales team actively sells to over 4,000 independent retailers globally. The company manages its European trade sales, UK retail operations and export sales from its headquarters.

The group operates through various segments including central costs, sales channels, service centre costs, product and supply, and royalties. The company’s sales channel segment focused on trading, sells to independent retailers and retail. The retailers may include magazine newsstand business and distributor sales through the company’s publishing business, Black Library, and retail includes the sales from the company’s retail stores, global exhibitions, and visitor center and sales from Mail order via company’s digital sales and Web stores. The Company’s Product and supply segment focused on designing and manufacturing products and incorporating production in the UK. The company’s Service centre costs segment offers support services and pitch into strategic projects. The company’s central costs segment consists of cost of head office site, overheads, and Games Workshop Academy’s running cost.  The company’s royalties segment is focused on royalty income that is earned through third-party licensees.

The company’s retail & trade operations for the US are run from Memphis, for Canada are run from Dallas, for USA are run from Sydney, and for Australia are run from Australia & New Zealand. The company service centres too that ensure the business can continue to run in any condition. The company has a small establishment in Dusseldorf, Germany to provide support to its continental retail stores in Europe. Besides, having regional offices in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Shanghai, & Kuala Lumpur to provide support to its growing Asian operations.                                                                                                                         

Contact Information

company address GAMES WORKSHOP GROUP PLC                                                                                  Willow Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2WS, United Kingdom

company phone+44 115 9140000

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