Brooks Macdonald Group plc is a UK-based company that provides investment management services in the United Kingdom as well as internationally. The company was founded in the year 1991 and its headquarters are situated in London, United Kingdom. The shares of the company are traded publicly and it got listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange in 2005. Its ultimate investment objective is to build a high quality and diversified portfolio to maximise the long-term risk adjusted returns for all its shareholders, including both income and capital growth. Its investment philosophy is based on an active investment process, efficient management of risk, and maintaining focus on the investment portfolio. It has 12 offices across the UK and Channel Islands, including Manchester, London, Wales, and Hampshire etc. Brooks Macdonald Group plc has many subsidiaries, which include Brooks Macdonald Asset Management (International) Limited, Brooks Macdonald Funds Limited, Brooks MacDonald Asset Management Limited, Brooks Macdonald Retirement Services (International) Limited, The Brooks Macdonald Group Employee Benefit Trust etc.

The operations of the company can be classified into investment management, financial advice, and international. The company offers various investment management services and professional advice to a range of clients, which include private high net worth individuals, institutions, pension funds, and trusts. Financial planning services and offshore investment management are also offered by the company. Brooks Macdonald Group plc functions as a fund manager for the Open-Ended Investment Companies (OEIC) that are regulated, and offers them a specialised absolute return fund, as well as a variety of risk-managed multi-asset funds. It provides bespoke portfolio services to meet the specific investment requirements of the individual clients, and managed portfolio services (MPS) as a discretionary service which include 10 portfolios with their separate objectives and risk profiles. In 2011, the company launched its AIM portfolio service to offer long-term capital growth to investors. The company also offers a defensive capital fund, charity bespoke portfolio service, and responsible investment service. It offers financial advice and tailor-made solutions for mortgage services, and collaborates and helps other professional advisers to provide services to their clients, like wealth managers, accountants etc.

It has a set framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with the UK Corporate Governance Code. It follows strict policies regarding gender pay gap, privacy, modern slavery, and human trafficking. It has an ethical code of conduct for running its business operations and promotes a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability. Apart from fulfilling all its corporate responsibilities, the company also fulfils its environmental and social responsibilities. It has a comprehensive Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework in place and complies with international best practices and guidelines to create a sustainable business. It aims to minimise the impact of its business activities on the environment and create long-term value for the business as well as the wider community.

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company address 72 Welbeck Street LONDON W1G 0AY United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 207 499 6424

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