Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited is a non-cellular company founded in Guernsey, which is involved in acquiring, leasing, and selling aircrafts. The company is traded on the specialist fund segment of the London Stock Exchange since its inception in 2015. The investment objective of the company is to maximise the risk-adjusted returns and wealth of all stakeholders with long-term and consistent growth in income and capital returns. To achieve this objective, the company uses its net proceeds of the raised equity capital or placings, as well as other financial instruments for acquiring aircrafts and then leasing and selling them to major airline brands.

The portfolio of the company consists of six A380, two B777-300ER and four A350-900 aircrafts. All these aircrafts are on long-term leases to Thai airways or Emirates. Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited has many subsidiaries, which include AA4P Epsilon Limited, AA4P Gamma Limited, AA4P Zeta Limited, AA4P Delta Limited, AA4P Beta Limited, and AA4P Alpha Limited. The asset manager of the company is Amedeo Limited, which manages the lease obligations and solicits the best possible offers to sell the aircrafts that provide with the maximum returns.

It also does mid-lease inspections, monitors the assets, and prepares detailed reports regarding the significant aspects that may affect the investment decisions of the business. The Liaison and Administration Oversight Agent of the company is Amedeo Services Limited, which is being regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. It ensures timely payments, monitors the budget constraints of the company, and maintains seamless communication of the company with the service providers, under the Asset Management Agreement.


The main source of income for the company is the lease rentals, and the company follows a well-defined income distribution policy which complies with all applicable laws and regulations. After the sale of an aircraft, the capital returns received by the company are either returned to the shareholders as dividends or are re-invested in the business according to the investment policy followed by the company. The company has proposed to summon a Liquidation Proposal Meeting in 2029, even though it has not been assigned a fixed lifetime.

The company has a strict guideline for corporate governance and upholds an ethical code of conduct for running its business operations. The Audit Committee of the company ensures that it maintains high standards of financial transparency and integrity, to strengthen the culture of trust and accountability.

Contact Information

company address AMEDEO AIR FOUR PLUS LIMITED Dorey Court, Admiral Park PO Box 156 GY1 4EU Guernsey

company phone+44.1481.702400

company website

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