Here’s why communication is important


  • Communication impacts our wellbeing, and it is imperative to understand the importance of communication in our daily lives.
  • Healthy communication occurs when what is intended to be conveyed is fully conveyed to the other person-without glitches.
  • Effective communication builds trust, prevents/ resolves problems, provides clarity and discussion, creates better relationships, and improves productivity.

Human wellness is not a mere subject. It defines our overall mood, health, and perspective on life. If our wellbeing is top-notch, we will feel healthy and motivated towards life. Communication impacts our wellbeing, and it is imperative to understand the importance of communication in our daily lives. 

We all communicate in one way or another. But the real deal is about how much that communication is effective. 

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Healthy & effective communication

We do not even need to speak words at times. Sometimes, we merely look at the other person, and what we want to say is conveyed through our expressions and gestures. Therefore, the medium of communication is not important, but how effective it is- should be looked at.

Healthy communication is when what you wanted to convey is thoroughly conveyed to the other person without any hiccup. You will know this if they have understood it well and give back a response. Having said that-here’s a lesson- healthy communication ends only when the receiver gives a genuine nod/ response. 

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You might have noticed that sometimes you are unable to convey your feelings. Maybe to your boss or your better half, and you somehow try to gulp those emotions because of unexplanatory reasons. But, let me tell you that not communicating well with people around us can negatively impact our well-being in the long run. 

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Importance of communication

Healthy communication is vital for day-to-day life.  Let us decode the importance of communication in our daily lives-

  • Humans are inherently social creatures - Communication is an intricate part of our lives. Humans have developed a society wherein maintaining interpersonal relationships is essential. So, communication or “healthy communication” is essential for building interpersonal relationships. 
  • Communication in the professional life - The corporate world is filled with competition. You consistently have to prove yourself, and for that, you do need to communicate well. If your communication skills are not good, there is a high chance of you having a hard time at the workplace. So, if you are someone who cannot pursue effective communication, please try to learn the techniques of good communication and see what changes it brings to your career. 
  • Communication releases stress and anxiety - You must have noticed that when your mind is bugging you, and you find yourself in a conundrum, sharing your thoughts with someone makes you feel a bit relieved. Communicating our inner thoughts helps us build a better perspective towards life and relieves stress.

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There are numerous benefits of how healthy communication builds better personal wellbeing. Communication is important in relationships. We need to talk candidly and be great listeners. It should be accepted that every relationship will have ups and downs-but a healthy communication approach can make it simpler to deal with dispute and build a deeper and healthier partnership.