Zonetail Inc. (TSXV:ZONE)


Zonetail Inc (TSXV:ZONE) is a Toronto-based mobile technology company. It offers location-based apps, including Yelp and Trip Advisor, that provides area’s information.

The company provides a mobile platform for hotels and condominiums that offer hotel guests and apartments residents area information, access to building conveniences, and related services.

It also offers the facility of neighboring restaurants, stores and businesses.

Zonetail is located near the places where people stay and work. It provided property information, access, interaction, and targeted sponsored content.

In the hospitality industry, the company claims to have five decades of experience and started its business in 1960 with Kingsway Agencies, a North American company.

Zonetail focuses on introducing new functions and features to upgrade its technology. It offers a mobile app for hotel owners and managers.

The software firm operates through its offices in Toronto and California.

The company provides a platform that connects local business to hotel guest and condo residents. The company’s free mobile platform is provided to condo management, located anywhere.

With its app, it also offers installation, upgradation, and maintenance services. In addition, Zonetail claims to generate revenue through advertisements on the explore tab on its app.

The company also claims to have partnership with Foodora, the food ordering and delivering company.
The company is reaching various advertisers in Canada and the US and tries to connect with retail marketers, restaurant partners, cannabis and delivery partners.

To expand its product base, the company claims to have developed partnership with AAHOA (Asian American Hotel Owners Association).

AAHOA provides services in 25,000 hotels and over 85,000 condominium apartments across Canada.

On March 29, 2021, the company in partnership with Yardi Voyager aims to conduct beta testing for its new mobile residential platform.

The North American software management organization, Yardi Voyager, enables the company to provide its services to various new condominiums and apartment properties.

The company launched a new residential mobile app, 'Zonetail Home'. This app offers enormous services to condominiums, apartment buildings and hotel guests.

The software firm says that through its app one can have the access to get facilities and services of apartment buildings. It directly connects to building management.

In addition, it also provides access to various neighboring services and businesses, including:
• grocery
• food delivery
• insurance
• telecommunication services
• local retail and restaurants
• entertainment
• financial services

Contact Information

company address 70 University Ave, Suite 1460 Toronto, ON M5J 2M4

company phone416-994-5399

company email[email protected]

company website

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