Quantum eMotion Corp (TSXV:QNC)


Quantum eMotion Corp is engaged in generating encryption codes for new generation quantum computing. The company provides quantum-safe encryptions based on random numbers to its clients.

These encryptions make the data storage, data transmissions and communications secure reportedly.

The tech firm is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, where its stocks trade with ‘QNC’ ticker symbol.

Formerly known as Quantum Numbers Corp, the firm says that it relies on computers to generate random numbers to send communications and encrypted data that can be decoded only by the recipient.

The tech company also states that these numbers cannot be truly random, and the quantum computers could identify the patterns easily.

The firm acknowledges the future of quantum computing and claims to provide technology that can cater the risks associated with the new computing generation.

It claims that Quantum eMotion can offer trustworthy encryption through quantum mechanics. The company’s technology uses QRNGs or Quantum Random Number Generators, which is optimized to provide speed, scalability, and true randomness at a relatively lesser cost than other devices in the market reportedly.
It further says that its patented and innovative solution uses quantum tunnelling to generate truly random numbers.

Quantum eMotion addresses the rising demand for inexpensive hardware security for connected devices.

The firm says that is QNG2 is the first Quantum Random Number Generators in the market. It is size of an integrated circuit, it says.

The tech company further says that the product is small enough to be used in consumer electronics and significantly more powerful.

The company focuses on developing partnerships with OEM manufacturers and give them the access to the development tools and reference design of their QNG2 technology so they can develop their own integrated circuit with hardware encryption based on the same technology.

In July 2021, the company announced a partnership with Syntronic R&D Canada Inc, an engineering entity specializing in designing and developing electro-mechanics, electronics, and IT Software. Under the agreement, Syntronic will offer small scale manufacturing services, integration, and optimized design to produce the company’s first version of its portable USB QRNG product based on its operational prototype.

The product will offer security to mobile and internet transactions, machine-to-machine connections, IoT communication, networking equipment and even cloud-based applications, the tech firm says.

Contact Information

company address 2300 Alfred Nobel Blvd. Suite 209 Montréal, QC H4S 2A4

company phone514 894-4324

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.quantumemotion.com

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