Personas Social Incorporated (TSXV:PRSN)


Personas Social Incorporated, founded in 2004, provides live streaming social media services to customers and enterprise level businesses through its own live streaming social media platform available on iOS and Android.

Formerly Peeks Social Ltd, the company’s stocks trade on TSX Venture Exchange with the quote of ‘PRSN’.

On May 2, 2018, the company completed a reverse acquisition with Corp (Personas).

Personas licensed its live streaming technology to the firm then known as Peeks Social. Till 2016, the company used to operate a social video platform called Keek, which was used by people to upload and share their videos.

In November 2016, the firm rebranded its social media video platform Keek to a Peeks Social, a social commerce livestreaming service application.

The company launched three social media apps for its platform, namely Personas, Peeks Social, and WADSPro.

Each app is enabled with multiple inbuild services as well, the firm claims.

The interactive media company enables its users to monetize their videos and generate revenue from their content.

The company says that on the platform users can livestream the content and interact with viewers. Content creators charge money from their viewers and earn money, it says.

The money charged can be in the form of subscription fees, tipping service or donation from viewers or even Paywall service/fees to access the content.

The company differentiates its offerings by providing its users Adshare services wherein they can earn money through advertising. The content creators can choose to sponsor ads and run them on their video content. WADSPro is an eGaming/eSports video streaming service build on Peeks Social Platform.

It claims to have focused on various product development, including completion of development work on Personas release 1.0 in 2019.

In July 2020, the interactive media firm launched, an enhanced video conferencing application in the wake of COVID 19 scenario.

Contact Information

company address 1 Yonge Street Floor 18 Toronto, Ontario M5E 1W7

company phone416 716-9281

company email[email protected]

company website

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