Nuvei Corp. (TSXV:NVEI)


Nuvei Corporation operates as a payment technology company that offers consulting solutions and other related services.

It also provides digital solutions like local payments options, multi-currency solutions, global pay-ins, and pay-outs to businesses.

In addition, it claims to connect merchants and partners with the global customers through different payment processing solutions.

It claims that the deep domain expertise is able to support over 455 local and alternative payment methods, nearly 150 currencies and 40 cryptocurrencies.

Nuvei Corporation’s stocks are traded on the TSX Venture Exchange under ‘NVEI’ ticker.

It claims to have presence in over 200 global markets.

The company claims to make digital payment method easier and offers a checkout facility to its international clientele. In addition, the electronic payment processing firm says that through its global partners one can transact and accept payments from anywhere.

Nuvei also offers tailored solutions for e-commerce and mobile commerce market. It serves customers of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprises operating in diverse geographies.

The firm provides localization capabilities, currency management solutions, smart routing technology, turnkey checkout solutions, etc.

The company’s payment technology solutions include:
• Online payments
• Plugins, platforms, partners
• Mobile payments
• Omnichannel payments
• Alternative payment methods
• Cryptocurrency payments
• Marketplace
• In-store payments

The company provides the option to accept payments from online mode, including credit & debit, bank transfer, mobile payment, cash vouchers, eWallets, and prepaid. It also provides secured mobile payment solutions.

Through its payment technology partner, Nuvei intends to make payment processing easier and accept any type of virtual payment through Contactless, Chip & Pin, Chip & Sign and QR Code methods.

The company caters to various customers engaged in the following businesses:
• Gambling and Sports betting
• Marketplaces
• Digital goods & services
• Online retail
• Network marketing
• Financial services
• Gaming
• Travel
• Shopping carts & platforms
• Developers
• Banks

Nuvei handles all payment options through one network in the global market. Its payment solutions offer a direct connection to the payment card schemes.

The firm claims that one can connect with various gateways, partners, and eCommerce plugins through Nuvei’s technology and transfer, acquire, split payments, and manage funds according to their business model uniqueness.

The platform offers global pay-ins and pay-outs services to all major currencies.

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Contact Information

company address 1100 René-Lévesque Blvd W, Montréal, Québec, H3B 4N4, Canada

company phone514 313-1190

company email[email protected]

company website

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