Nexe Innovations Inc. (TSXV:NEXE)


Nexe Innovations Inc is a Vancouver based advance materials firm.

It is engaged in manufacturing, designing and marketing of disruptive technology for plant-based materials and products.

The junior consumer goods company was founded in 2015. It claims to have support 3D print for design and layout of the world’s first bio-degradable single-serve coffee pod, which can replace single used non-biodegradable plastic reportedly.

The company trades on the Toronto Stock Venture Exchange under the quote of ‘NEXE’. It is also listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and OTC Market with the symbol of ‘NEXNF’ and ‘NX5’.

The advance material company aims to minimize petroleum-based plastics from the earth by developing, producing, and distributing 100 per cent plant-based materials that are biodegradable.

It claims to be a leading entity in plant-based material solutions and has built its first commercial product under The Nexe Pod.

The firm says its proprietary product is well-suited with the coffee format machines that easily dissolves in soil and is non-toxic.

In addition, the Canadian firm says it is fully compostable in around 35 days. The advance materials firm says that the product is backed by nearly five years of testing backed by science.

Its other brand includes Nexe Coffee and XOMA Superfoods. The company under these brands offer services of producing and distributing superfoods, high-quality coffee products, and superfood creamers packaged material.

The company established its first product under the XOMA Superfoods brand that consists of a dissolvable micro-ground coffee secured with medium-chain triglycerides oil packaged in the NEXE Pod.

XOMA Operations Inc is parent to NEXE.

XOMA offers Mushroom coffee that consists of chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane mushrooms, Keto Coffee with good quality fats and MCT oil and cocoa flavor, and micro-ground dissolvable coffee with MCT.

In May 2021, the company reportedly signed a non-binding letter of intent with Rritual Superfoods Inc to produce new superfood products.

Rritual develops non-toxic plant-based elixir products.

On May 27, 2021, Nexe signed an agreement with Vejii Holdings Ltd to offer its Xoma Superfoods product on the e-commerce website

Vejii Holdings Ltd is a US-based essential vegan markets that offers customers plant-based and vegan products.

In June 2021, Nexe also announced to offer its Xoma Superfoods product on the e-commerce websites, namely and in the United States and Canada.

Contact Information

company address 109-19353 22 Avenue, Surrey, BC V3Z 3S6

company phone(604) 359-4725

company email[email protected]

company website

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