Metallum Resources Inc. (TSXV:MZN)


Metallum Resources Inc. is a junior mining firm that focuses on base metal resources. The firm was incorporated in April 1993 with its headquarter in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Metallum Resources is a public company listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange, where its ordinary shares are traded under the ticker symbol MZN. The natural resource miner is engaged in the identification, acquisition, exploration and development of base metal properties, particularly the ones containing zinc and copper mineralization.

The company mines zinc for the following commercial purposes:

• To create copper and brass with alloys

• To coat steel and iron to protect from rust

• For fertilizers to enhance crop quality and yield, which would further promote food and nutrition security

Metallum Resources is focused on the Superior Lake Project situated nearly 200 kilometers east of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The project encompasses a total land package of 175 square kilometers that comprises two primary deposits, namely Pick Lake and Winston Lake. Both the deposits are in the form of volcanogenic massive sulphides and host zinc-rich mineralization with minor copper and gold elements.

The Winston Deposit was operational in 1988, but due to low zinc prices in 1998, it was closed from further mining. The Superior Lake Property is at the near-term production stage and equipped with good infrastructure, including year-round accessible roads, power transmission lines, transformer-backed electrical substations, shafts, tailing dams, underground ramps, and other mining infrastructure.

The company is focused on sustainable and responsible mining operations. Today, a high demand for consumer products, infrastructure and other factors have increased the demand for zinc, which has placed the company in a favorable place.

The company is working on exploration and development programs to discover, evaluate and exploit new prospective targets to expand resource potential for further advancement of its project and gain from zinc production to earn profits for its shareholders. Metallum Resources is a member of the Gold Group with a track record of enhancing mining businesses through its knowledgeable team with extensive experience in mine building, resource expansion, and stabling shareholders’ values.

Contact Information

company address 200 Burrard Street Suite 650 Vancouver, British Columbia Canada V6C 3L6

company phone(604) 688-5288

company email[email protected]

company website

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