KDA Group Inc (TSXV:KDA)


KDA Group Inc provides innovative and technology solutions to the pharmaceutical market.

The company, earlier known as AlliancePharma Inc, was founded in 2009. It was rebranded to KDA Group Inc on January 25, 2017.

AlliancePharma Inc’s stocks earlier used to trade on TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol ‘APA’. Following the rebranding, KDA Group’s stocks now trade under the ticker ‘KDA’ on TSXV.

The firm claimed that after going public it focused on strengthening its operations and acquisitions.

In order to expand its services in the pharmaceutical market, KDA Group aims to form an alliance of related enterprises to enhance the patients’ overall experience and provide value-added products and services.

KDA Group also claims to provide advanced training sessions to health care professionals along with providing value added drugs and services. The company aims at integrating its core business with cloud technology and software to create innovative healthcare technology solutions, education services and training for doctors and placement of pharmacy staff and logistics.

The company provides pharmacy staff placement, logistics and human resource management and scheduling services through its subsidiary Alliance Pharma. Apart from Alliance Pharma, KDA Group’s other subsidiary include
• elitis pharma
• Logistik pharma
• LIV agency
• ELIXIR 420
• alliance dentaire

Alliance Pharma assist in pharmacy staff replacement through its team of experts reportedly.

CAMPUS ÉLITIS is an education business that provides online and in-class training to pharmacists and pharmacy technical assistants. The company also offers human resource and crisis management services. Through its subsidiary, Elitis Pharma, the company provides a wide range of private health services, including educational programs and human resource management solutions for technical assistants and pharmaceutical professionals.

Elixir 420 operates and provides four tech-based platforms in Canada and consists of various software applications such as Virtual Pharmacy, Virtual Clinics, eCommerce platform for medical cannabis products. In addition, the subsidiary also provides counseling and training services for doctors, pharmacists, and patients regarding medical cannabis products.

On May 11, 2021, the company announced a major acquisition of ZRx Prescriber by ZoomMed Medical. ZRx Prescriber is a mobile and computer-based software platform for authorized health care providers to prescribe medications and treatments. The KDA Group aims to commercialize the product in the markets of UK, Europe, and USA.

Contact Information

company address 1351, Notre-Dame Street East Suite 300 Thetford Mines, QC G6G 0G5

company phone1 514-622-7370

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://groupekda.ca/en/

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