Eguana Technologies Inc. (TSXV:EGT)


Canada-based Eguana Technologies Inc operates as an electronic company and provides industry leading batteries.

It further engages in manufacturing, designing and distributing high-performing residential and small commercial energy storage systems.

The company delivers power control solutions for grid energy storage systems for photovoltaic, battery and fuel cell applications. Eguana offers durable, high-quality solutions to customers in North America, Australia, and Europe.

The company’s portfolio consists of thousands of energy storage inverters.

It supplies energy storage solutions for grid services, charge applications, and solar self-consumption.

The company says that it believes that it shares similarities with Iguana, which spend most of its time in the sun and stores it for use at night.

Eguana concentrates on manufacturing energy storage products and services. It provides solutions for rooftop solar energy, and for home electrification. In addition, it helps in increasing battery production by reducing costs reportedly. Between 2002-2006, the company claims that it has manufactured high efficiency LV inverters.

From 2004 to 2009, it presented a Li-Io battery storage solution for US military services.

Eguana established Sunergy inverter in European markets, and later incorporated Paralex inverter in North America. It also provided Bi-Direx grid energy storage inverter in Germany, and LG Chem based AC Battery in Australia and various home battery systems.

In 2018, the company established brands like Evolve, Elevate, and Enduro energy storage systems.

Eguana’s Energy storage platform offers various solutions such as solar-self consumption, time-of-use, backup power and grid services.

The company says that solar-self consumption enables proper use of renewable energy resources. It helps in reducing dependency on local electricity providers and also reduces the electricity bill.

The company also offers a solution like microgrid controller.

Evolve batteries provides effective solutions to store energy, the firm claims. It offers backup services when there is power outage. It is marketed across North America and Australia.

Its power rating is 5KW and 13/14 KWH battery capacity.

Elevate battery in North America comprises a 15KW power rating and 39KWH battery capacity. Eguana Technologies says it offers reliable, high performance and effective power solutions.

Contact Information

company address Eguana Technologies Inc. 6143 4th Street SE, Unit 3 Calgary, AB T2H 2H9 Canada

company phone403.508.7177

company email[email protected]

company website

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