CubicFarm Systems Corp. (TSXV:CUB)


CubicFarm Systems Corp is an agriculture technology company domiciled in British Columbia, Canada.

The firm operates in the farm and heavy construction machinery industry.

Founder of BevoFarms, Jack Benne, and his son Leo wanted to develop a way to grow food produce in a controlled indoor ecosystem, which eventually led to the formation of CubicFarm.

CubicFarm Systems Corp’s stocks are listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under ‘CUB’ ticker.

The British Columbia-based company provides automated machine technology and solutions for the production of fresh food, livestock feed, and large-scale plant propagation.

CubicFarm Systems ag-tech solutions offerings are classified as follows:
Fresh Produce Machine

The Canadian company utilizes a patented technology discovered by Dutch greenhouse growers BevoFarms.

The technology consists of trays and inserts, filtered and recycling water, machine control, centralized irrigation, plant health, custom chambers, and hydroponic technique.

The firm says machines are manufactured in its facilities and can be easily installed.

In addition, CubicFarm also offers the customers to use its proprietary packaging design for extended durability.

CubicFarm claims that its propagation machines provide consistent seedling and enhance the germination process and increase the quantity.

These machines are suitable for vertical farming, greenhouse growing, floral industry, nurseries, hemp cultivation, and nutraceuticals.

Control Room allows the farmers to monitor and control the environment of indoor or outdoor standalone facilities and enhance the quality and quantity of produce.

The control room system is suitable for greenhouse growers, vertical farmers, floral or nursery growers, and researchers, the firm claims.

Nutritious Livestock Feed Machine uses HydroGreen system technology that is featured with automated feed supply and hydroponic grow system to minimize the cost and enhance the quality nutrition.

The Canadian firm offers vertical farm consulting services through CubicFarm Garden, a retail consulting division, that helps agriculture businesses to operate efficiently. It provides financial plans, market assessment, summary, and pitch desk solutions.

CubicFarm Systems Corp claims to support its customer, mostly farmers, to grow in the local environment and supply fresh, safe, and quality food products in the markets.

Contact Information

company address 353 – 19951 80A Ave Langley, BC V2Y 0E2

company phone888 280-9076

company email[email protected]

company website

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