BQE Water Inc. (TSXV:BQE)


BQE Water Inc is a waste management company that specializes in water management and water treatment for the global metal mining industry.

BQE was founded in 1997 to develop a sustainable method to treat acid mine water than the traditional lime treatment.

It is a public company whose stocks are listed on TSX Venture under the quote of ‘BQE’. BQE Water provides a full suite of water management services to the key economic sectors mining, smelting and refining and hydrometallurgy sector, including water treatment assessment, lab or pilot testing, feasibility and process engineering, project management, commissioning, operations and maintenance, online technical support, and plant optimization.

The Vancouver-based water management company reportedly offers customized water treatment solutions as per environmental compliance.

The wastewater management solutions by BQE helps the companies to recover value from waste and wastewater and thus reduce waste and liabilities. Its diversified portfolio of technology solutions:

• BioSulphide® & ChemSulphide®- It is a Sulphide-precipitation technology to eliminate the dissolved metal.

• Met-IX™ - selective ion exchange to treat low dissolved metal water.

• Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™- Technologies based on ion exchange to remove sulphate from water.

• Sulf-IX™ and Sulf-IXC™ Mobile Pilot Plant- It is an on-site field-testing program for sulphate removal.

• Selen-IX™- A combined technology including ion exchange and electrochemical reduction to remove selenium.

• Selen-IX™ Mobile Pilot Plant- The firm provides on-site field-testing program for selenium removal.
BQE Water Inc manages the technical risk associated with processing of wastewater from mining and hydrometallurgical operations and enhances operational efficiency of the mining companies.

The Canadian company primarily focuses on investing and commercializing innovative technologies and holds unique intellectual property rights at mineral properties for several companies, including the US EPA, Freeport-McMoRan, Jiangxi Copper and Glencore.

On April 22, 2021, BQE Water Inc advanced its SART Plant for Zhaojin Mining Industry Company’s gold facility situated on the eastern coastal province of Shandong.

The firm claims that the installed plant is expected to recover nearly 500 tons of copper, 600 tons of cyanide, and 350 tons of zinc on an annual basis.

Contact Information

company address Suite 250 - 900 Howe Street Vancouver BC Canada V6Z 2M4

company phone1 604 685 1243

company email[email protected]

company website

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