Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc. (TSX:WEE)


Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc is an energy company that delivers various solutions, including environmental groundwater remediation, oil well stimulation, and secondary oil recovery to oil and gas exploration and production firms. 

It consists of two processes, including the Powerwave process and the Primawave process. Wavefront designs, develops, manufactures, and provides leading-edge, proprietary technologies for the flow of fluid in the ground. 

The company’s headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. Wavefront Technology Solutions Inc is a publicly listed company on the TSX Venture market (TSXV), where its common stocks trade under the ticker ‘WEE’. In addition to the TSXV, the energy company also trades on OTCQB Market under the ticker symbol ‘WFTSF’. 

The company has brands including Powerwave, WaveAxe, and Trailblazer. The company directly deals with exploration and production firms and conducts its operation in the global marketplace. Through its domestic and international distribution channels, the company is focusing on increasing its network of intellectual property. 

The Powerwave process is an injection technology that engages in improving fluid flow in geological materials. These materials are made up of a solid matrix and pore structure, consisting of oil and gas fluids. 

The technology helps in increasing profitability for IOR/EOR recovery and stimulation programs. The Primawave process is helping environmental groundwater remediation clean-up strategies in contaminated sites. 

Environment and Industry Canada has verified this technology as an effective environmental remedial strategy that can be applied to a vast percentage of contaminated sites. It provides a powerful solution to the environmental sector and helps them in cleaning contaminated sites. 

It also helps in reducing the number of injection points and long-term financial obligations. It promotes earlier exits and more uniform distribution of remediation products. 

Wavefront Technology Solutions maintains an international presence in various countries through its portfolio of certified distributors, including 

• Colombia 

• Argentina 

• Oman 

• Saudi Arabia 

• Kuwait 

• Qatar 

• UAE 

• India 

• Kazakhstan 

• Romania 

Contact Information

company address "5621 - 70 Street NW Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3P6"

company phone780 486-2222

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://onthewavefront.com/

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