Whitecap Resources Inc (TSX:WCP)

Oil & Gas

Whitecap Resources Inc (TSX:WCP) is a Canada-based energy firm focused on natural gas and petroleum production.

It manufactures, distributes, produces, develops and explores for natural gas properties, medium crude oil and petroleum assets across Canada.

The company's natural gas and petroleum properties are located in southeast Saskatchewan, Northwest Alberta and British Columbia, west-central Saskatchewan and west-central Alberta.

Whitecap claims to ensure uninterrupted access and transportation of commodities in a dynamic energy market.

Whitecap Resources Inc claims to build an extensive relationship with commodity purchasers, end-users, midstream facility operators, refiners and transporters.

Through its well-integrated infrastructure, the company provides for the enhancement of a variety of commodities across sales streams, commodity netbacks and delivery points.

Across significant hubs in Canada, Whitecap sells petroleum, natural gases, crude oil and related products.

The company transports the energy products through an extensive transportation system consisting of pipelines, rail and trucks.

Through the pipeline system, it transports crude oils in all the regions of North America. In addition, it also utilises rail transportation network to facilitate year-round delivery.

Whitecap Resources Inc also moves oil by trucks from Western Canada Sedimentary Basin.

According to the Canadian Energy Regulator and Railway Association of Canada, the company claims that pipelines and railways transport crude oil and dangerous goods with 99 per cent safety guaranteed.

Whitecap Resources Inc also focuses on mitigating commodity price volatility and protecting economic returns with a systematic hedging program.

Since its inception in 2009, the energy company claims to have secured a considerable light oil resource base that provides good outcomes to shareholders.

In southeast Saskatchewan, Whitecap Resources has acquired three regional assets in the Weyburn property. The unit is reportedly known as the world's largest underground geological carbon dioxide sequestration project.

Whitecap Resources Inc operates an enhanced oil recovery project at the property, wherein the carbon dioxide is captured and injected into the underground rock formations, reportedly.

The oil and gas company claims to promote sustainable growth and a carbon positive industry by storing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions underground.

Contact Information

company address 3800, 525 - 8th Avenue SW Eighth Avenue Place, East Tower Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2P 1G1

company phone403-266-0767

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://www.wcap.ca

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