PyroGenesis Canada Inc (TSX:PYR)


PyroGenesis Canada Inc develops, designs, commercializes, and manufactures advanced plasma processes. In addition, it also provides environmental solutions.

The company provides innovative solutions to various industries, including defense, mining, metallurgical, additive manufacturing, environmental industries, and oil and gas industries.

PyroGenesis also owns and operates manufacturing facilities in Montreal.

It delivers plasma waste processes, plasma torches, high-temperature metallurgical processes to global markets.

The company claims its products are ISO certified since 1997.

PyroGenesis Canada Inc reportedly uses thermal plasma that can reach up to 5500 degrees Celsius.

Plasma is a mixture of neutral particles, ionized species, and electrons.

The company utilizes thermal plasma properties to transform and melt wires into powder form, convert quartz into silicon, and break down waste into its simplest form.

The environmental solutions company provides a wide range of products and services, including:
• Plasma Atomized Metal Powders
• Aluminum & Zinc Dross Recovery
• Waste-to-energy
• Waste Destruction
• Refrigerant destruction
• Hazardous Waste Destruction
• Vitrification
• Plasma Torches
• Plasma Fired Steam Generator
• Custom Reactors and Furnaces

The company provides defense and environment industries with waste management solutions, including waste destruction, refrigerant destruction, and hazardous waste destruction systems.

Aluminum and Zinc Dross Recovery systems are mainly used in the mining and metallurgical industries.

Oil and Gas industries reportedly make use of a wide variety of plasma torches.

Through PyroGenesis Additive, the company specializes in the production of spherical metallic powders. The metal powders are used in additive manufacturing, biomedical, aerospace, thermal sprays, and metal injection and molding industries.

The waste-to-energy solutions are reportedly provided to the defense sector and municipalities for producing clean-energy solutions and efficient waste management.

The company’s plasma resource recovery system (PRRS) reportedly uses two-step plasma-based technology to convert waste into syngas. It is a gaseous fuel used to make electricity or heat and liquid fuels. The process produces an inorganic fraction of waste, which is non-toxic and inert, the company claims. It says that the product can be used as a building material for various construction purposes.

PyroGenesis claims to provide an alternative solution to fossil fuel burning industries through its APT-HP plasma torch. This environment-friendly replacement technology reportedly produces clean thermal energy to be used in different industrial applications. In addition, the plasma torches reportedly reduce GHGs, sulfur oxide, and heavy metal emissions.

Plasma Fired Steam generator converts dirty water into steam in one step and increases operational efficiency by over 95 percent, the company further claims.

Contact Information

company address 1744, William St. Suite 200 Montréal, QC, H3J 1R4 CANADA

company phone+1.514.937.0002

company email[email protected]

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