Maverix Metals Inc (TSX:MMX)


Maverix Metals Inc operates through royalty and streaming agreements with mining firms operating in various mineral-rich areas, including Mexico, Canada, the Americas, and Australia.

The company holds the rights to a percentage of revenue or production of precious metals by mining companies in return for an upfront payment. In addition, the royalty-focused company claims that it can also own the right to purchase produced precious metals at a predetermined price.

Incorporated in 2016 by founders Geoff Burns and Daniel O' Flaherty, Maverix had reportedly acquired five royalty portfolios from major mining companies and more than 100 royalties and streams in four years of its existence.

Maverix Metals Inc states that it does not bear any environmental and operating costs associated with exploration and mining activities.

The company claims that the upfront fixed costs of streams and royalties provides the stakeholders capital and operating cost certainty by reducing future risks associated with ongoing capital and operating costs.

Maverix Metals Inc shareholders comprise various global mining companies, including:
• Newmont Corporation
• Pan American Silver
• Kinross

Maverix Metals is not involved in the mining operations directly but funds the mining companies to expand, develop, and explore projects by offering them advanced payments, reportedly.

The company claims to possess limited downside risk and unlimited upside expansion and exploration potential. Maverix Metals Inc holds a diverse asset base and claims to benefit from leveraging precious metals prices.

The royalty-focused company claims to attract investors with a promise to minimize their exposure to rising operating costs, capital costs and overhead costs while maximizing their exposure to cash flow and margins, long-term optionality, growth and diversification.

The company is focused on the following advanced assets:
• Cerro Blanco
• Gemfield
• Tres Cruces
• Camino Rojo
• Mccoy- Cove
• Pico Machay
• Kensington
• Cerro Casale
• Nueva Esperanza
• Romero
• La Bolsa

The royalty company acquired 13 precious metal streams and royalties from Pan American Silver in July 2016. In the same year, it was listed for trading on the TSX Venture Exchange.

The diversified portfolio of 100 royalties and streams is spread across 18 countries, with some assets located in mining-friendly jurisdictions in Australia, Mexico and the Americas.

The company’s portfolio of paying assets include:
• Hope Bay
• Beta Hunt
• Mt. Carlton
• Vivien
• San Jose
• Moss
• EL Mochito
• Florida Canyon
• Moose River
• Relief Canyon

Maverix Metals Inc also focuses on royalties from development and exploration assets in Ghana, the USA, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Burkina Faso, DRC, Brazil, Cote d'Ivoire, and French Guiana.

Contact Information

company address 510 Burrard Street Suite 575 Vancouver, British Columbia V6C3A8

company phone604 449 9290

company email[email protected]

company website

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