GFL Environmental Inc (TSX:GFL)


GFL Environmental Inc, listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol 'GFL', is a diversified company that provides environmental services and sustainable solutions across North America.

Founder Patrick Dovigi incorporated the company on December 19, 2007, with its headquarters in Ontario, Canada.

The company's offerings include solid waste management, infrastructure and soil remediation services, liquid waste management, and recycling and disposal services for residential, business, municipal and industrial customers.

It provides a suite of environmental services such as:
• waste collection
• recycling collection
• organics and composts
• roll-off bins
• bulky and large item collection
• vacuum trucks
• dumpster services
• compactors
• document shredding
• automotive waste fluid services
• soil remediation

The company reportedly generates a majority of its revenue from the solid waste management segment. The company claims to provide environmental solutions and services to over 135,000 commercial and industrial customers.

GFL Environmental Inc owns and manages solid & liquid waste disposal, transfer & recycling facilities across Canada and 27 states of the US, including:

• 70 transfer stations
• 50 plus liquid waste facilities
• 45 landfills
• 20 plus material recovery facilities
• 11 soil remediation facilities
• 11 organic processing facilities

In addition, its solid waste collection services cater to over four million households in North America.

For commercial liquid waste customers, the Toronto-based company provides various specialized services, including:

• Antifreeze collection, supply and storage
• Aerosol can storage and disposal
• Septic tank servicing
• Interceptor pit servicing
• Ground disturbance/ daylighting
• Transfer of sludge, chemicals and by-products
• Waste treatment and reduction planning
• specialized and industrial cleaning services

In 2021, the Canadian company reportedly contributed to improvements of critical care facilities at the Whistler Health Care Centre, located in British Columbia.

The company's stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker 'GFL'.

The company claims to have won the SEAL Business Sustainability Award 2020 for its environmental innovation program, which consists of sustainable initiatives and Greenlight Innovation Workshop.

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company address 100 New Park Place Suite 500 Vaughan, Ontario L4K 0H9

company phone905 326-0101

company email[email protected]

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