Computer Modelling Group Ltd (TSX:CMG)


Computer Modelling Group Ltd is a publicly listed consulting and software technology company.

The company was founded as a small research firm in 1978 in Calgary. Since its foundation, the technology firm claims to have become a global leader in providing reservoir simulation software and advanced processes for the heavy oil and gas sector.

In 1997, the tech company was listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with ‘CMG’ as stock quote.

The Canadian software company develops and provides different types of reservoir modelling software, including:

• CMOST-AI: It is an analysis tool that provides intelligent optimization to improve business processes and enterprise decisions.

• GEM: It is basically an equation-of-state simulator used in constructing compositional, chemical and unconventional models.

• IMEX: For black oil and unconventional simulation.

• STARS: It is a thermal and advanced processes simulator for steam, solvents, air and chemical recoveries.

• CoFlow: The software solutions help production and reservoir engineers in making informed decisions for oil and gas projects

• Builder: A pre-processor technology that provides integrated data and workflow management between CMG simulators and external sources

• Results: It provides visual analysis and insights about the simulation processes, performance and capabilities.

• WINPROP: A fluid property characterization tool.

The software technology company supplies the reservoir simulation technology and provides related tech support solutions in Calgary, Houston, London, Bogota, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai.

The simulation technology provider also sells the advanced recovery process solutions to international blue-chip companies and operates support centers in more than 60 countries across North America, Latin America, Europe, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Asia.

Computer Modelling Group is presently focused on research and development initiatives to design new recovery methods and innovative solutions for tackling technical difficulties. The group claims to reinvest 20 per cent of its yearly revenue on R&D initiatives. The R&D-driven software company strategically partners with numerous organizations to service its customers, including:
• Acceleware
• Alberta Innovates Technology Futures
• Altair
• Amarile
• Baker Hughes
• Emerson
• Fracture Technologies
• Energi Simulation
• International Reservoir Technologies, Inc
• Paradigm
• Sproule

The company also claims to work with various educational institutions such as Kuwait University and public universities in Alberta, Calgary, Saskatchewan, and Toronto.

Contact Information

company address 3710 33 Street NW Calgary, Alberta, T2L 2M1 Canada

company phone1.403.531.1300

company email[email protected]

company website

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