Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (TSX:AUP)


Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc is a leading biotechnology company headquartered in Victoria, Canada.

It produces several medicines for various diseases, including patients suffering from focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS), lupus nephritis (LN) and Dry Eye Syndrome (DES).

In partnership with Isotechnika, the company reportedly developed an immunosuppressant drug Voclosporin, which is an analogue to ciclosporin. The new drug reportedly displayed reduced toxicity levels and improved immunosuppression in patients as per the studies.

The integrated company claims its core focus lies in providing better treatment for lupus nephritis, and it aims to establish a foundation in autoimmune disease therapeutics.

The biotechnology company operates through a US-based commercial hub located in Rockville, Maryland.

The Victoria-based company manufactures and develops therapeutic solutions across different patient groups.

The company also owns a diverse portfolio of innovative drugs to cure autoimmune diseases.

Through its Aurinia Alliance™ platform, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals claims to provide patients suffering from Lupus Nephritis and their caretakers with assistance and personalized support.

Lupus Nephritis is a kidney inflammation condition caused by lupus.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals reportedly provides personal assistance and helps healthcare providers and physicians share medical information about clinical trials, disease areas and other programs.

The company claims its phase three AURORA 1 study results were published in the international, peer-reviewed medical journal The Lancet. The study evaluated LUPKYNIS™ in adults with lupus nephritis; the biotech company claims and adds that the study demonstrates superior renal response rates at 52 weeks when LUPKYNIS™ is given in combination with low-dose corticosteroids and mycophenolate mofetil.

It further claims as many as 357 patients were enrolled for the clinical study.

LUPKYNIS™ is an oral-therapy medicine for adult patients with acute kidney inflammation or Lupus Nephritis (LN). The drug is commercially available in the United States, the company claims.

The company posts resources and information regarding Lupus Nephritis on the official website.

Contact Information

company address #1203-4464 Markham Street Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8 Canada

company phone1 (250) 744-248

company email[email protected]

company website

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