Almaden Minerals Ltd. (TSX:AMM)


Almaden Minerals Limited (TSX: AAU, NYSE: MKT) explores, develops and acquires mineral resource assets in Canada and Mexico.

The metals & mining firm is presently focused on developing its flagship project, Ixtaca gold-silver deposit. The zone is located in the Tuligtic claims in Puebla State Mexico.

Founder Duane Poliquin discovered Almaden in 1981 and later the business was joined by his son Morgan Poliquin. The company reportedly made several discoveries, including:
• Caballo Blanco deposit
• Santa Fe gold deposit
• Apex Germanium-Gallium deposit
• Trinidad Gold mine
• Ixtaca deposit
• Nevada Scheelite Extension

The company was formed as a result of spin-off from Almaden Minerals Limited (TSX: AMM) in 2015. The mining firm claims to have created a vast geological database with innovative geological analysis and ground prospecting. Various exploration and development activities by the firm consists of historical analysis, geological studies, Aster satellite imagery, geophysical data, etc. In addition, it claims to identify the target areas and engage in sample collection.

The flagship asset, Ixtaca deposit, was founded in 2010 under an extensive exploration program. The company has reportedly drilled more than 500 holes in the Ixtaca property and had discovered multi-million-ounce gold and silver deposits. In addition, the mining firm formed a sister company to focus on this project.

Furthermore, the exploration entity states that it had employed local people and financed local projects like access to education, healthcare and drinking water.

Since the company went public in 1986, it claims to have been able to develop a constant stream of revenues by partnering with other mining companies. Almaden has expanded its business model through acquiring prospective mineral projects with potential to produce gold and silver deposits reportedly. The mining firm uploads investor resources, technical reports and mineral reserves and estimates on the official website.

According to a 2018 feasible study, the mining firm says that over the term of six years an average yearly production of 7.06 million ounces of silver and 108,500 ounces of gold is expected from the Ixtaca Property.

Contact Information

company address Suite 210 – 1333 Johnston Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3R9

company phone1 (604) 689 764

company email[email protected]

company website

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