Rogers Sugar Inc


Rogers Sugar Inc is a Canadian holding company that produces refined sugar and sweeteners.

The company operates through Lantic Inc, Maple Treat Corporation and Highland Sugarworks Inc. In June 2008, Lantic Sugar Limited merged with Rogers Sugar Ltd to reportedly become the largest distributor of refined sugar in Canada.

The company produces sugar, maple syrup, sugar flakes, maple treats and other sweeteners.

Entrepreneur B.T. Rogers founded the company in 1890. The company claims that due to the high cost of rail from Montreal to Vancouver, the founder decided to refine its own sugar. The Roger’s refinery was the first primary non-logging and fishing industry in Vancouver at the time, the holding company claims.

In 1930, Rogers Sugar ventured into the beet sugar industry by setting up factories at Picture Butte and Raymond in Alberta. However, the company claims that its Winnipeg plant was closed in 1997 due to restricted access in the US market after operating for more than 30 years.

The company also operates through Montreal Cane Refinery, which was upgraded in December 2000. It was done by Lantic consolidating its refining business in Montreal that reportedly led to the closure of the Saint John plant in the same year. Other facilities include:
• Vancouver Cane Refinery in Port of Vancouver
• Taber sugar beet factory in Alberta
• Toronto Distribution Centre, a warehouse facility in New Toronto.

The company delivers sugar and related products through the rail network, retailers and distributors.

It also operates through a Scarborough-based facility spread in 65,000 square feet and is responsible for bulk drying and blending operations.

In 2014, Lantic Inc launched a series of products, including Agave, Stevia, iced tea and hot chocolate. The company acquired L.B. Maple Treat Corporation and Decacer in 2017 and reportedly became a Canadian maple syrup industry leader.

The firm provides sugar alternatives through two brands, namely Coconut Sugar and Smart Sweetener Blend.

Contact Information

company address 123 Rogers Street Vancouver, BC V6B 3V2

company phone438 887-7050

company email[email protected]

company website

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