CanadaBis Capital Inc. (TSXV:CANB)


CanadaBis Capital Inc. is a cannabis firm that operates in the drug manufacturing industry. The firm was originally incorporated as a capital pool corporation (CPC) in November 2016, according to the Alberta Business Corporation Act.

Later, in April 2019, the firm completed a qualifying transaction with Stigma Pharmaceuticals with cannabis cultivation and processing licenses and facilities. According to the transaction, Stigma amalgamated with a 100 per cent owned subsidiary of the firm, and the combined entity operates as Stigma Pharmaceuticals Inc., CanadaBis’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

The Calgary-based company is engaged in the vertically integrated cannabis business, which ranges from inhouse cultivation to manufacturing cannabis products, which are highly demanded in the market. The company has a diversified asset portfolio that strengthens its entire cannabis operations.

The principal business operations are categorized in the following four divisions, or “pillars” as the company calls it:

Pillar one is cultivation. The company is focused on its cannabis cultivation facilities to enhance the quality, efficiency, consistency, and yield of the growing process. It is even actively engaged in acquiring the cultivation land to raise its cannabis output. It has a 66,000 square feet facility in Red Deer, Alberta, under Stigma Grow, and another 13 acres of premium outdoor cultivation grounds after acquiring Goldstream Cannabis Inc. in 2019.

Pillar two is processing and extraction. The acquisition of Full Spectrum Labs, a cannabis company involved in the extraction, product development, research and development of cannabis, has helped CanadaBis become active in the legal extracts market. Here, the company is focused on generating positive cash flows by providing numerous in-demand cannabis products.

Pillar three is lifestyle products Stigma Roots, a lifestyle brand by CanadaBis. It markets and distributes creams and balms manufactured from cannabis roots, free from Health Canada Regulations. The company sells legal lifestyle cannabis products through various brands.

Pillar Four is retail. The company is also engaged in primary research to find out shortcomings and unsatisfied needs of cannabis products directly from consumers. This consumer-centric approach helps the company in improving its products and retail arm of its business.

The company implements a capital allocation business model that targets strategic acquisitions to improve its overall cannabis operations. CanadaBis Capital is a public company that is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange, with its common shares traded under the stock quote CANB.

Contact Information

company address PO Box 850 Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 1A6

company phone888 784-4621

company email[email protected]

company website

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