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Plant-based consumer wellness brand Rritual Superfoods Inc (CSE:RSF) is engaged in developing natural elixirs for providing support to improve the body’s immunity, focus, and relaxation.  The Company offers a range of products to fit every lifestyle and is prepared to dominate a division where demand and sales are rising exponentially.

The natural plant-based elixirs are manufactured to navigate through the mental, emotional, along with physical challenges of modern life.  These products have been carefully created to facilitate day-to-day self-care, to support the complete body health, mind, and soul.

RSF’s small-batch elixirs are made with medicinal mushrooms to enhance the body's cognitive, immune performance, and adaptogenic herbs (such as cacao, ginger, and cinnamon).

These natural health products are supported by a leading team of doctors, nutritionists, scientists, and specialists in the health & wellness space. Under the executive management with more than 100 years of CPG pedigree, the Company plans to roll out in North America in the second quarter of 2021.

The Company’s need-state health products are certified organic mix powders of mushroom and adaptogen and comprise the top three categories Chaga Immune, Lion’s Mane Focus, and Reishi Relax.

Chaga Immune

Chaga is an immune booster that has been admired in Eastern and Western herbalism for supporting a healthy immune function. It is a blend of Astragalus root, Eleuthero root, and Schisandra berry.

Chaga immune has bioactive polysaccharides; besides, it also blends chaga mushroom and Eleuthero root to offer optimal benefits for the immune system.

Lion's Mane Focus

Lion’s Mane Focus supports brain health and cognitive function and is a unique combination of mushroom and Rhodiola root. It has recently been identified as a nootropic, which means it supports the activation and clearing of the mind for ideal cognitive performance.  Lion’s Mane also helps to improve the body’s ability to manage stress.

Reishi Relax

Reishi, also known as the mushroom of immortality, is for Stress Support. It has ample amino acids, triterpenes, fatty acids, and polysaccharides.

RSF’s reishi blend comprises Ashwagandha root, which helps the body and mind to fight against anxiety. Reishi’s long-term use can also enhance the sleep quality of restless minds. Besides, it also supports the body to adapt to stress.

Reishi Relax is enriched with a combination of cinnamon and cacao, which produce a blissful and soothing effect.

Contact Information

company address Address: 151 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1H4, Canada

company phone778-400-1242

company email[email protected]

company websitehttps://rritual.com/

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