Delta Drone International Limited


Delta Drone International Limited allow autonomous operations for enterprise customers. The Company is engaged in re-invention and re-imagination of vast application of its drone-as-a-service platform. Delta Drone caters to a range of industries such as agriculture, medical, engineering, security, construction, renewable and mining.

Delta Drone International’s Brands

Rocketmine:  The subsidiary is a Drone-as-a-service provider for the mining, engineering, construction, security, oil & gas sectors.

RocketFarm:  The division provides UAV and artificial intelligence solutions for agricultural and renewable energy sectors.

Parazero:  The division provides an autonomous safety system that allows flights over people and urban drone operations.

DSL (Drone Safety and Legal): The division provides drone training for the enterprise.

Role in various sectors

Construction: Allows more site preparation, planning and construction progress through its array of aerial modelling and dynamic site viewing solutions.

Renewables:  Engaged in powering the future of energy via drone technology. It supports alternative energy operators in identifying leaks, cracks, and other risks in the asset.

Mining: In mining, Delta Drone helps companies boost their mine value through its vast data acquisition solutions.

Agriculture: The Company supports precision agriculture and farming for the future.

Medical: The Company saves lives via technology, delivering lifesaving supplies faster and safely to unreachable locations.

Engineering:  Monitor progress, interact remotely, and maximise production of the site with regular drone inspection.

Security:  Provide proactive monitoring and surveillance of high-risk location and perimeter areas. Thus, keeping the property and people safe.

Contact Information

company address Level 27, 101 Collins Street, MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, 3000

company phone08 6189 1155

company email[email protected]

company website

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