MediKane Holdings Limited (ASX:unlisted)


MediKane Holdings Limited is a natural health products company developing unique ‘Food as Medicine’ products.

The Australian company develops products using Australian plant-based ingredients that have proven specific health benefits. The company has spent almost a decade building the foundations to bring about its Australian innovations on a global platform.

The plant-based products are aimed at the treatment of several chronic diseases. Delivered in the dose form, these products, in most cases, start offering health benefits within two weeks. Their efficiency and safety profiles are proven on a scientific and clinical basis.

MediKane is steered by its mission to be a forerunner in the safe plant-based ‘Food as Medicine’ health market. The company’s formula has offered the foundation for different consumer and hospital-grade products that can substantially improve long-term chronic health conditions.

Product Portfolio

Several factors drive the market opportunity for MediKane. Globally, there are rising cases of lifestyle-related diseases. Further, modern medicines cannot completely cure several chronic diseases, leading to increased global consumer interest in non-drug treatments.

The company’s flagship product is NutriKane D, a plant-based health product clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels naturally.

Other products of MediKane include NutriKane R, designed for improving regularity, and SugarKane Fibre, designed for maintaining digestive health.

The products are being used in Australia, the USA and China.

The company is also engaged in supplying ingredients to marketers, who offer these products under their own labels. However, these marketers do not compete in the company’s target market segments.

Target market segments

MediKane has five different target market segments with specific revenue and profit goals.

  • Medical segments target hospitals and medical clinics
  • The health segment targets health food stores and pharmacies
  • The ingredients segment targets global food companies
  • The animal health segment targets veterinarians, their customers and animal health distributors
  • The White Label segment targets food/health food manufacturers requiring a branded final product.

The company uses the same technology and supply chain for all segments.

Contact Information

company address Level 9, Avaya House, 123 Epping Road, North Ryde, 2113, New South Wales, Australia

company phone1300 889 962

company email[email protected]

company website

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