Waste Management Inc


Waste Management Inc is a holding company that provides environment solutions through its subsidiaries across North America.

It was incorporated in 1987 as USA Waste Services Inc with corporate headquarters in Texas, the United States.

The integrated holding company provides various waste management services like recycling, resource recovery, transfer, collection, and disposable services. The company caters to commercial, municipal, residential and industrial customers.

The diverse suite of environmental solutions and services include:
• recycling
• pickup
• residential waste management
• temporary roll-off dumpster
• waste compactors
• specialized waste streams
• electronic recycling
• industrial waste processing

In addition, it provides online services under WM Account, wherein users can view and schedule their waste pickup time and pay online bills. It facilitates a variety of pickup, ordering and repair options such as requests for bulk pickup, extra pickup, container pickup, order temporary dumpster.

It also facilitates electronic waste management and recycling services for used or old batteries, bulbs, mobiles, computers, payers, speakers, digital cameras, LCD & plasma flat screens and digital cameras.

The products under dumpster category includes 10-yard roll-off dumpster, 20-yard roll-off dumpster, 30-yard dumpster and so on in different size.

The environment solutions company owns and operates 268 landfill sites, and reportedly has the largest landfill network in North America. Further, it claims to compact, consolidate and transport waste economically and efficiently with over 348 transfer stations.

The company reportedly recovers gas from decomposed waste in landfills and utilized this gas to produce electricity. It claims to a leader in handling materials such as glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, metal and recycling in the United States and Canada.

Further, Waste Management Inc provides various recycling initiatives for businesses, households, municipalities and other related services across North America. The holding company’s subsidiaries include WM Bagco, LLC, CR group LLC, FlyashDirect, Ltd, Garick LLC, WM Lamp tracker Inc, WM Quebec Inc, USA Waste of California, Southern Waste systems LLC, WM Renewable energy LLC, WTI UK Ltd, E.C. Waste Inc and Georgia Waste System Inc.

Contact Information

company address "800 Capitol Street Houston, Texas"

company phone1-713-512-6200

company websitewww.wm.com

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