Honeywell International Inc.


Honeywell International Inc is a diversified technology and manufacturing that provides efficient solutions for aerospace, energy, safety, productivity, etc.

It is engaged in developing and manufacturing sensing and security technologies, turbochargers controls, advanced processing solutions and electronic products.

Headquartered in North Carolina, the company’s history dates back to 1885.

The conglomerate also operates and provides service in refining technologies and petrochemicals, energy products, solutions for homes, businesses and transportation.

The company operates through four reportable segments:

• Honeywell Building Technologies
• Performance Materials and Technologies
• Aerospace
• Safety and Productivity Solutions

Aerospace Unit

The segment focuses on the development of aircraft engines, integrated avionics, and servicing solutions. The company engages itself in manufacturing aircraft-related products, turbochargers for performance improvement, seating efficiency of passenger cars, and repairing commercial vehicles through the unit. In addition, the segment also deals in manufacturing and maintaining the advanced auxiliary power units, environmental control systems, wireless connectivities, electric powers, engine controls, safety, lighting. It provides hardware and software solutions for aircraft communications, navigations, radar, surveillance, and satellite and space components.

Honeywell Building Technologies

The company provides monitoring systems and advanced software applications for customers to ensure security, safety, comfort, and ventilation and provides energy-efficient lighting and home automation solutions. In addition, the company also provides connectivity and wireless solutions for water utilities through this unit.

Performance Materials and Technologies segment

Honeywell provides automation control, advanced software, refining services of gases, generation of industrial powers, chemicals, petrochemicals, biofuels to their clients through this segment. The solutions are utilized in various industries, including oil and gas, pulp & paper, minerals, mining, metal, chemicals, etc.

Safety and Productivity Solutions

The diversified company provides products and software solutions related to personal safety, including safe electrical switches, gas detection technologies, software for mobiles, etc. In addition, the segment is also engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of apparel, gear, and footwear specially designed for work, play, and any other outdoor activities.

Contact Information

company address 300 S Tryon St Charlotte​, NC, 28202-1040 United States

company phone704-627-6200

company email[email protected]

company website

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