Nokia Corporation ADR (NYSE:NOK)


Nokia Corporation is a multinational company dealing in communication, consumer electronics, and information technology.

Its headquarters are located in Espoo, Finland.

It is a global communication company that also provides various technological devices and software solutions.

The company operates sales network as well as communication channels across the globe.

The tech hardware firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Its ADR or American Depository Receipts trade under the ticker of ‘NOK’.

ADRs represents stocks of a foreign company that are traded in the United States’ stock markets.

It facilitates the investors in the United States to purchase and sell foreign company’s stocks.

The company provides home Wi-fi, smart TVs, laptops, headphones, smart lighting, and streaming devices.

It provides various industry and network solutions for networking at web scale, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, and supply chain.

Some of its important solutions offerings include 5G, Automation, Cloud Native, Cyber Security, IP Network Security, Internet of Things (IoT), and Radio Access Networks.

The company operates and owns various Nokia Bell Labs AI and drones. It claims to help the AeroFarms to revolutionize vertical farming.

The Finnish company aims to drive and lead the development of global standards along with investor friendly policies and generate a significant value and sustainable growth opportunities.

It claims to own a strong portfolio with over 3,800 patents that represent cellular standards.

The subsidiaries of the company are Nokia Networks, Nokia Bell Labs, Deepfield Inc, Excel Mobiles Phones, Novrra Inc, Nokia Shanghai Bell Co Ltd, Earthmine, Grainspeed Inc, SEGA Mobile, Nokia Pty Ltd, and Nokia Research Centers.

The Finland-based company claims to have global installed base in 4G/2G/3G. In addition, it claims to have a robust AirScale platform for Single RAN and over 360 users in 4G/LTE.

The mobile company claims to have built AirScale portfolio, microwave and software transport solutions and small cells to work across all relevant spectrum bands and all generations of technology for simplified, optimized, and efficient sites for the global customers.

Contact Information

company address Karakaari 7 FI-02610 Espoo, Finland

company phone- 358 10 44 88

company email[email protected]


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