TechnipFMC plc (NYSE:FTI)


TechnipFMC plc is an energy company that focuses on providing deep-water offshore oil and gas development solutions. It is a leading company that is engaged in offering technology, products, and solutions to the traditional and new energy sectors.  

Through the merging of Technip and FMC Technologies corporations, TechnipFMC was incorporated in 2017. TechnipFMC is committed to providing subsea engineering, subsea equipment, and construction services.  

The company’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas. TechnipFMC plc is a publicly listed company on the New York Stock Exchange Market (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘FTI’. 

Through its comprehensive solutions and technologies, the company is helping its clients to look for new possibilities and opportunities for developing energy resources and reducing their carbon footprint.  

TechnipFMC provides its services in two segments, including Subsea and Surface Technologies. The company is committed to enhancing performance and reducing carbon emissions.  

TechnipFMC claims to provide its services in 41 countries and has 18 vessels. It offers cost saving for the clients involved in the subsea projects. To understand clients' requirements, TechnipFMC’s front-end team works with their clients and in the early phase of a project, the team gets the opportunity to minimize costs. It is committed to providing cost-saving solutions, technologies, and products.  

Through its Subsea 2.0 platform, the company helps to reduce costs and time. Integrated Life of Field (iLOF) services also help in realizing cost savings and maximize the oil recovery process by providing superior field services. 

For exporting pipelines, TechnipFMC provides its services to onshore and shallow water markets. The company develops its products for reducing CapEx, and OpEx and GHG emissions.  

TechnipFMC’s wellheads and trees are located on offshore shallow-water fields, unconventional and conventional onshore fields globally. It provides Drilling Conventional solutions, DrillNow solutions, iComplete Integrated System, Pressure control, iProduction™ Integrated System, and more solutions.  

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company address 13460 Lockwood Road, Houston, Texas, 77044, United States

company phone281 591 4000

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