Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL)


Delta Air Lines Inc (NYSE:DAL) is a leading international airline firm based in the United States.
The airline company also operates as a legacy carrier in the country. It provides air transportation services for passengers and cargo movement across the globe.

The company conducts business under two core divisions: Airline and Refinery.

The American company provides regular transportation through its fleet of airlines under the first business segment.

The refinery segment caters to processing of jet fuel and no-jet fuel products, which includes refined petroleum products, diesel and gasoline. Its wholly owned subsidiaries, Monroe Energy and MIPC, deals with refining operations and owns pipeline and terminal assets in Pennsylvania.

The airline firm’s flight route is based on nine major hubs, international gateways, and airports.

The company has airport operations in the following key locations:
• Seattle
• Amsterdam
• Detroit
• Boston
• London
• Atlanta
• Minneapolis
• JFK and La Guardia, New York
• Tokyo
• Los Angeles
• Paris

The company operates an extensive fleet of airplanes at all these listed airports, from where it facilitates global movement of passengers and cargo across national and international boundaries.

The airline firm also manages the flight routes through global joint ventures and partnerships with other airline companies. In addition, the US-based company is one of the founding members of SkyTeam Alliance.

Delta Air Lines was founded in 1928 by Collett Everman Woolman, with its head office located in Atlanta.

The multinational airline company claims to provide the service to around 200 million customers, who fly to about 300 locations in 50 countries. The Atlanta-based air transportation company also claims to offer 15,000 affiliated departures and 5,000 daily departures.

The American company’s network of fleet consists of over 1,100 aircrafts as of December 30, 2020.

The airline company is included in the Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTA) and S&P 500 components.

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