Dominion Energy Inc (NYSE:D)


Dominion Energy Inc is an American company dealing in energy and power.

It was founded in 1983 in Virginia, United States.

Dominion Energy Inc provides sustainable electricity solutions and is engaged in the transmission, distribution and generation of power through extensive facilities.

The company also provides online billing and payment options, and energy conservation programs.

The company, earlier known as Energy Resources Inc, rebranded to the present corporate image in 2017. In addition, it changed the logo while retaining the ‘D’ shape and added stripes through blue silhouette to symbolize energy.

Following the change, various company-owned businesses, natural gas utilities and local utilities were unified under the name ‘Dominion Energy’.

The company operates through various subsidiaries PSNC Energy, The East Ohio Gas Company, SCANA Corporation, Questar Corporation, Hope Gas, Inc, Bright Suite and Dominion Transmission, etc.

The energy company also operates through Dominion Virginia Power
• Donimion Energy Virginia
• Dominion Energy North Carolina
• Dominion Energy Wexpro
• Dominion Energy Solutions Inc

The energy company owns and operates through an extensive network of 10,500 miles of electric transmission lines, 94,200 miles of gas distribution lines, and 85,600 miles of electricity distribution lines.

Dominion Energy Inc operates in 16 states of the United States and claims to be serve over seven million customers.

In 2019, the company acquired various solar projects in Carolinas and Virginia. These solar projects are majorly non-regulated assets.

The energy company claims to achieve net-zero emisisons by 2050.

The company’s gas distribution units are located in North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, Wyoming and Idaho. The assets represent an extensive network of 75,500 miles of main distribution units and services facilities.

Dominion Energy Inc further has 50 per cent non-controlling stake in Cove Point, a liquefaction facility for natural gas.

The company is listed for trading on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol ‘D’ for common stocks.

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