BHP Group Ltd (NYSE:BHP)


BHP Group Ltd is an international resources company with its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.

The company was formed following a merger between Billiton and BHP in 2001. Its roots can be traced back to the predecessor Broken Hill Proprietary Company Ltd, founded in 1885.

It is one of the largest resources company that produces steel, copper, iron, aluminum, gas, oil, silver and other resources.

Its principal business is mineral production and exploration, refining and petroleum exploration. The primary resources include gold, coal, iron ore, nickel, copper, ferroalloy, titanium, etc.

The global company manufactures steel products for residential purpose, construction industries and commercial buildings. BHP Group Ltd is engaged in marketing and supply of its products across the globe, including end-to-end supply chain solutions, maritime, procurement, warehousing, inventories, long-term marketing insights, etc.

It operates under four business segments:
• Minerals Americas
• Minerals Australia
• Petroleum
• Marketing


The global resource company develops, explores, produces and markets conventional energy resources across the globe, including gas and oil.

Minerals Americas

The segment’s activities are comprised of non-operating and operating assets and projects in the Americas. Major resources include zinc, coal, copper, iron, potash, etc.

Minerals Australia

The company is engaged in mineral exploration and development in Southern and Western Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. It conducts exploration for base metals like copper, iron, coal and nickel.

Apart from mineral exploration, the company is engaged in marketing business across the United States, Trinidad, Tobago and Australia. In addition, its marketing division acts as a bridge between BHP’s customers and its global operations.

The stocks with ‘BHP’ ticker trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

The company operates through various subsidiaries, including BPH Billiton Nickel West Pty Ltd, BPH Minerals Europe Limited, BHP Marine insurance & General Insurance Pty Ltd, BPH Billiton Holdings Ltd, etc.

BHP Group operates through two separate listed entities BHP Group Plc and BHP Group Ltd.

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