Aluminum Corporation of China Limited (NYSE:ACH)


Aluminum Corporation of China Limited is a vertically integrated company focused on aluminum production.

It is said to be a leader in China's non-ferrous metal industry.
The company is engaged in refining, smelting and production of core and ancillary products.

The Beijing-based company operates through the following business segments:

• Primary Aluminum
• Trading
• Corporates and Other
• Alumina
• Energy

Alumina segment

The firm primarily engages itself in the purchasing and mining of bauxite and other raw materials through this segment. In addition, this segment also deals with the development, production, and sale of alumina and related products. Certain aluminum-related products include gallium, aluminum-based hydrates and chemicals.

Primary Aluminum Segment

The business division mainly focuses on procuring alumina, raw materials, supplemental materials, electric power on behalf of the firm. In addition, the company focuses on the production, development and distribution of core base metal and related products, including aluminum alloy, carbon products, and others.

Trading Segment

It is engaged in the trading of products procured from two primary segments as well as of non-ferrous metal-based products. In addition, Trading Segment also operates and provides its services in the trading of crude fuels, including coal products and other related ancillary products, to the external customers and plants engaged in internal manufacturing.

Energy Segment

Established in 2013, this segment focuses on the production, operation, research and development of conventional and renewable energy generation. The power generation is based on coal-fired power generation facilities or renewable energy resources like wind and solar energy.

The last business segment, Corporates and Others, manages the corporate business and provides services in research, development, and production of the alumina and other related activities of the company.

The vertically integrated firm was established in 2001 in Beijing, China.

The firm is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), and Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).

It is also among Russell 1000 and SSE 180 index components.

Contact Information

company address No. 62 North Xizhimen Street, Haidian District, Beijing People’s Republic of China (100082)

company phone86) 10 8229 832

company email[email protected]


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