Scottish American Investment Co. Plc (LON:SAIN)


The Scottish American Investment Company is a UK-based investment trust. It was founded in the year 1873 and its headquarters are situated in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company invests in the United Kingdom as well as in global companies. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and falls under the FTSE 250 index. It is managed and by its parent company and investment partner called Baillie Gifford & Co Limited, which has been in the investment business since 1908. Baillie Gifford is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, and it is also an Authorized Corporate Director of OEICs. It focuses on active asset management and keeps the interest of clients at the heart of the business. Its investment driven outlook is based on sustainable and long-term returns. It tries to promote a culture of transparency and accountability and building strong and enduring relationship with its clients as a trusted adviser. The strategy of the company is to ignore the short-term volatility in the market and instead focus on the long-term growth opportunities and prospects.

The company invests in a wide range of businesses, which includes food and beverage manufacturers and restaurants, consumer goods manufacturers, financial and banking services, integrated circuits and semiconductor manufacturers, engineering, logistics and delivery services, electricity, telecommunication etc.

The main goal of the company is to help the investors in making profitable investment decisions and maximize the risk-adjusted returns for the shareholders, by enhancing the dividend and income growth and increasing the capital growth. To achieve this goal, the company focuses on building a diversified portfolio which includes a range of assets like global equities, bonds, properties etc. Out of the total assets of the company, 31.93% are European equities, 30.62% are North American equities, and 14.47% are Asian equities. The rest of the assets include South American equities, African and Middle Eastern equities, Australian equities, properties, fixed interest, and net liquid assets. 

The company has built a good reputation in the investment industry with its high standards of service and professional behaviors. It follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and aligns itself with an ethical code of conduct for running its business. It has incorporated ESG practices into its business model and fulfils its social and environmental responsibilities in addition to its corporate responsibilities.

It focuses on responsible investments and aims to reduce its carbon footprint through sustainable business solutions, which help in creating a positive impact on the society. Baillie Gifford is a part of various environmental initiatives like carbon offsetting, environmental sponsorship, reducing food waste and carbon impact of our food, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification etc.

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company address Scottish American Investment Company Plc Calton Square, 1 Greenside Row EDINBURGH EH1 3AN United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 131 275 2000

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