Established in 1989, Pennon Group PLC provides responsible and sustainable essential services and environmental infrastructure with a motive to provide long-term value for its customers and shareholders. The England-based company changed its name from South West Water Plc to Pennon group Plc in 1998.

The group has two core businesses: Water & Wastewater and Water Retail Services. The Water & wastewater provide services in most efficient and sustainable way possible through South West Water and Bournemouth Water.  The Pennon’s Water & Wastewater segment supplies clean water to properties and treat their wastewater. It has 23 raw water reservoirs, a 18,370-km drinking water network with 34 drinking water treatment works. t serves approximately 1.7 million people in Isles, Cornwall, Dorset, Somerset, and Devon. In 2019, the South West Water services was awarded as fast-track status for its 2020-25 business plans. The South west water services have 650 wastewater treatment works with 65 ultraviolet treatment facilities, 17,515 km wastewater mains network and 151 bathing waters and 24 shellfish waters networks.  

The Bournemouth water service was acquired in April 2015 and delivers synergies, water services and savings to 0.5 million people around Dorset, Wiltshire, and Hampshire region. The Water Retail Services segment provides water services to its business customers with other services like water monitoring treatment, leak repair, Legionella testing, contingency planning and smart meters and alternative water sources.

The company’s long-term objective is to lead the UK infrastructure market by balancing the risk and return, investing in group strength, innovation, technology, and capabilities to create long-term value. Besides, minimising overhead and operating cost efficiently to increase profits. Continuously looking for opportunities with motive of growth and invest in asset portfolio to increase customer base and maintaining good terms with partnered organisations.

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