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Founded in March 2012, OptiBiotix Health Plc is as a life science company that is engaged in the development of a range of products to modify the human microbiome to prevent and manage human diseases that is the most progressive areas of biotechnological research. Microbiome is the collective gebome of the microbes that lives inside and on the surface of human bodies. The company is engaged in identification and development of microbial strains, compounds and formulations that can be used in various food ingredients, supplements and active components for the prevention and management of various human diseases like diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and others.

The group operates through two major technology platform that are OptiBiome and OptiScreen. The OptiBiome platform identifies and develops microbiome modulators to prevent human diseases and offers its product SlimBiome. Optiscreen is a screening and optimisation technology platform that identifies microbial metabolic that help in improving human health.

The OptiBiotix provides a range of products, such as SlimBiome, SlimBiome Medical, LP LDL, CholBiome, LP Gos, SweetBiotix and WellBiome. SlimBiome provides a healthy and hunger free weight management system for weight loss and helps reducing calories by promoting healthy metabolism, reduce waistline and hip circumference, improves consumers mood, maintain blood sugar levels, prevent overeating, and the formula is backed by strong scientific principles. SlimBiome Medical is a clinically proven natural supplement for hunger-free approach to weigh loss that is designed to use by itself or as a part of a calories restricted diet to reduce hunger by utilising prebotics and harnessing the microbiome. It contains three main ingredients to reduce consumers food intake: Glucomannan, Chromium Picolinate and Fructo-Oligosaccharisw (FOS).

The Lactobacillus plantarum (LP) LDL helps to improve blood lipid profiles and blood pressure by using probiotic research to enhance the physical health by reducing cardiovascular risks and support overall heart wellness. CholBiome provides a range of food supplements that are science backed that helps to enhance cardiovascular health and overall heart wellness, like reducing blood pressure and cholesterol that harnesses the power of the patented probiotic LP LDL. Further, it offers four products: CholBiome, CholBiomex3, CholBiomeBP and CholBiomeVH.

LP GOS is a galactooligosaccharide that is used in a range of products and applications that can help in reducing cardiovascular risk factors and it is produced by the OptiBiotix LP LDL. SweetBiotix is made from natural prebiotic fibers that are patented and is a low-calorie alternative to sugar that can be used in wide range of food and beverages. WellBiome is a fundamental fiber and mineral blends to enhance the health by promoting the diversity of the gut microbiome that is very useful in a wide range of food and supplement markets, like bakery products, dairy products, cereals, healthy snacks, and others. 

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company address Innovation Centre, Innovation Way YO10 5DG United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.79338780

company websitehttp://www.optibiotix.com/

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