IWG PLC is a Jersey-based multinational workspace company. It was founded in 1989 in Brussels, Belgium. It is headquartered in It functions under internationally renowned brands like Regus, Spaces, Signature, Open office etc. With the help of its local and global networks, it covers all kinds of clients, ranging from small traders and startups to large multinational corporations. The company aims to provide innovative and untainted workspaces that enhance efficiency and effectiveness of working. The company provides both sales and facility management services. It is a public limited company and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

The company has a track record for being one of the leaders in delivering real estate solutions for businesses over past 30 years. It operates across countries and industries to provide various kinds of options to clients, ranging from hourly co-working to yearly office space leasing. It takes special care of designing the office spaces in a way to maximize the productivity and efficiency. It focuses on creating a professional environment with the use of cutting-edge technology to make the workspaces comfortable. It also aims to provide the best quality of products like food and drinks. The company helps the customers to focus on their core activities and business while taking care of their workspace with the help of specially designed risk-free solutions and advanced digital technology to streamline the business processes and reduce the need of administration.

The company follows socially and environmentally high standards of responsible business conduct. It tries to improve the lives of people while simultaneously reducing the negative impact on environment, by providing clean, green, and sustainable products and services to businesses. The design, site selection and construction in the real estate portfolio are decided after taking into consideration the carbon footprint, water usage etc. There was a 24.9% reduction in the global cost of gas and electricity per workstation over the year 2017-18. Also in the same years, there was a 26.6% reduction in the water usage cost per workstation. This demonstrates the efforts made by the company to bring down energy consumption strive for sustainable business strategies. The company also tries to help local businesses by connecting them with their clients and therefore help in wealth generation. It follows well defined standards of corporate governance and ensures highest standards of quality of work while treating customer satisfaction as their priority.

Contact Information

company address 25 Bank Street Canary Wharf London E14 5JP

company phone+44 (0) 7584 376533

company websitehttps://www.iwgplc.com/

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