Founded 2018, Induction Healthcare Group plc is a UK-based leading healthcare technology company that helps healthcare professionals deliver better care in markets such as the UK, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. The company delivers a range of time-saving tools that work with hospital IT systems to enables highest standard of clinical safety and information security. Its two-way integration engine offers clinics and patients with real-time access to a growing list of secondary care HER and PAS systems in a safe and secure environment. To integrate digital patient facing and clinical tools  the company has partnered with leading companies such as NHS Digital, Cerner, SilverLink, Redcentric and AWS. The company’s shares are traded on the London Stock Exchange as LON: INHC since 2019.

The company offers platforms such as Induction Switch, Induction Zesty, Induction Booking, induction Guidance and Induction OPAT. The Induction Switch platform is a powerful productivity toolkit that is number one amongst NHS doctors; it helps in saving time while connecting to the people and delivering information for quality care. Its core feature includes secure messaging, directory listings, TeamSpaces and Analytics and report. Its premium features includes role-based messaging, active directory integration, internet access and offline availability and broadcast messages & surveys. In addition, its integrated premium features include patient lists and EPR integration.

The Induction Zesty is a platform for patients with a secure and intuitive digital front door to NHS hospitals. Its features include remote registration and consent, Digital letters, integrated appointments, patient completed questionnaires, form builder, video consultations, Async messaging and clinical records. Induction booking platform makes it easy for patients, hospital staff and care home staff to make online booking. Its standalone platform offers primary, secondary and community care appointment booking for the past 7 years in more than 20 NHS sites.

In addition, it allows patients to manage their appointment through mobile or desktop and they can view their booking data within the standalone diary. The Induction Guidance was formally known as MicroGuide, it offers hospitals, NHS trust, medical organizations and hospitals with the ability to collaboratively create, edit and publish their own local guidance and policies. It has been implemented in more than 150 healthcare environment and 18 countries and its three components include content management systems, desktop web viewer and mobile app.  The induction Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy Management System (OPAT PMS) is a secured, HSCN hosted, cloud-based solution that helps in the management of patients and monitoring of the OPAT patient journey. Its key features include Pre Admission, Virtual Ward, Reporting, Patient feedback, customer service setup and service management.

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