Greencore group PLC is a one of the top manufacturers of convenience food. The company was founded in the year 1991 after the privatization of Irish Sugar, and its head office is based in Dublin, Ireland. In 2001, the company acquired Hazelwood Foods and diversified into the convenience foods business. In 2018, its US division was sold, and all its focus shifted to the UK market. It has many manufacturing sites as well as distribution depots all over UK. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly. Apart from that, it also falls under the FTSE 250 index. It has around 12,200 employees and operates in over 16 locations, 4 regional distribution centers, and 14 transport hubs.

The group supplies a wide range of products to all major UK supermarkets and convenience stores. The products categories include sandwiches, salads, chilled and ready to eat meals, soups and sauces, pickles, frozen puddings etc.  

The company follows a strategy of growth, relevance, and differentiation. Growth can be driven by expanding their reach in the market by broadening the range of products available and by encouraging the customers to buy more. The relevance with the customers is deepened by increasing the returns in the shared value line with the help of a diversified portfolio. The product differentiation also is an important factor that is achieved with the help of people at the core who help in developing sustainable business solutions and products. The company focuses on providing great food and maximize customer satisfaction while giving key priority to sustainability. This is done by increasing efficiency, improving product quality and safety, as well as building capacity and delivering the maximum value to all stakeholders.

Greencore group is the world’s largest pre-packed sandwich maker and is leading the industry with food safety and food technology. The company has well-defined standards of corporate governance and business an ethical business code of conduct. It aligns with the international employment standards, follows policies on slavery and human trafficking, gender pay gap, and food waste inventory. It has aligned with anti-bribery and corruption policies. Greencore fulfils its social responsibility by engaging in various community service initiatives and charity drives to uplift the socially disadvantaged people. The company recently launched a new corporate purpose called “Making everyday taste better”, which focuses on improving the quality and taste of food while ensuring wellbeing of people and the world in general, by providing sustainable products for a better future. 

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company address Greencore Group PLC Northwood Business Park No. 2 Northwood Avenue SANTRY 2 Ireland

company phone+353 16051000

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