Bluefield Solar Income fund is a UK-based close-ended investment fund. It invests in low-carbon assets in the United Kingdom, and mainly targets Greenfield, commercial and industrial sites. It was founded in the year 2013 and its headquarters are situated in Guernsey. The primary goal of the company is to invest in solar energy assets and infrastructure in UK, and generate the maximum risk-adjusted returns and create value for its stakeholders in the long run. It also invests in other renewable energy assets in a minority proportion, which include non-subsidized and energy storage assets, like onshore wind and hydropower. In 2013, Bluefield Solar Income fund became the first company listed on the London Stock Exchange that was completely focused on solar PV. Later in 2020, the portfolio of the company was broadened to include other renewable assets too. It has a high-quality and diversified portfolio which consists of properties like Littlebourne, Hardingham, Hall Farm, North Beer, Redlands and Saxley, West Raynham, and many more. With an installed capacity of 610 MWp, the company owns and operates over 100 assets in more than 14 counties in UK.

The Bluefield group is a formed with four separate and complementary businesses, that are each responsible for a different part of investment and operational cycle. These are Bluefield Partners LLP which is the investment advisor of the fund, Bluefield Services Limited which is the asset manager, Bluefield Operations Limited which is the maintenance manager, and Bluefield Development which is the solar project developer.

The company is driven with the aim to create a sustainable future for the world and transform the global energy market to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels based energy with renewable energy, and thus transition to a low-carbon economy. The renewable energy no longer needs the support of subsidies to complete with fossil fuels, and Bluefield Solar Income fund capitalizes on this energy market with the most cost-effective rates and profitable opportunities.

Bluefield Solar Income fund has a well-defined framework of corporate governance and follows an ethical code of conduct for running its business. It is a member of AIC since 2013, and is also registered under FATCA. It promotes a culture of transparency, accountability, diversity and inclusion. Apart from fulfilling all its corporate responsibilities, the company also fulfils its social and environmental responsibilities, by aligning itself with a comprehensive ESG framework. It incorporates sustainability at the heart of its business model and is committed to help UK achieve the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. It was awarded with the Green Economy Mark by LSE in 2019, for its contribution towards the creation of a global green economy.

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company address Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited Heritage Hall, Le Marchant Street, PO Box 225 SAINT PETER PORT GY1 4HY Guernsey GGY

company phone+44 1 481716000

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