Benchmark Holdings PLC (LON:BMKB)


Benchmark Holdings Plc is occupied with the arrangement of genetics, nutrition, and aquaculture healthcare. Established in 2000, Benchmark has been worked through natural development and key acquisitions. In 2013, the company was listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange.

The company's fragments incorporate genetics, progressed nourishment, and health. The company creates items that help fish and shrimp work on their manageability and benefit by further developing yield, quality, and lessening mortality. The company's items incorporate high hereditary quality ova for salmon, shrimp, tilapia, reproducing, program, expert feeds for beginning phase shrimp and fish, probiotics, biocides, and medicines. Benchmark Animal Health has exploration and outreach groups based throughout the planet, with Chile, the US, the UK, and Norway. Disease outbreaks and parasites stay the most significant limitation on the development of the hydroponics business. Working intimately with their partners across the Benchmark bunch, they are ceaselessly observing patterns in the commercial centre, arising sicknesses, and searching for more proficient and creative answers to help their clients battle organic difficulties.

They are a world-driving supplier of expert sustenance, deterrent wellbeing items, and climate answers for the beginning phases of shrimp and fish creation. They have secure admittance to an excellent live feed (artemia) which, upgraded by their innovation, further develops sustenance and flexibility. They are one of the top suppliers of aquaculture genetics. The Company has combined its breeding programs and top-class genomic tools to increment quality, yield, wellbeing, and government assistance. They do this by dissecting DNA and recognising markers connected to positive characteristics like development, quality, and infection obstruction. The company then selects fish and shrimp with the most grounded hereditary profile and breeds them to improve constantly, offering the subsequent eggs, raisers, or fry to our clients. The key areas identified by the Company are:

  • The company has planned to develop a framework of operational efficiencies to deploy resources of the Company effectively.
  • They have developed a platform that positions them to grow organically, giving them leverage without needing more capital.
  • The company has prioritized the commercialization of its products developed over the last decade.
  • The company wants to invest more in technological reforms to establish an edge.

Contact Information

company address Benchmark Holdings PLC Benchmark House, 8 Smithy Wood Drive S35 1QN United Kingdom

company phone+44.114.2409939

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