A G Barr Plc was founded in 1875 in Scotland when Robert Barr started producing and selling aerated waters, as a soft drink. Today A G Barr is a leading UK-Based soft drink producing company that offers a diverse portfolio of great tasting brands to fulfill the needs of customers, operating across the UK and Internationally. The group employs around 1,000 people located in 10 UK sites and its long-term objectives are to deliver sustainable value by expanding and growing organically and through strategic partnerships and acquisition, communicating with customers to understand their needs, offering a diversified range of products, developing long-lasting and successful relationships and continually strive for greater efficiency across our business and maintaining strong financials.

A G Barr operates through its diverse range of brands that includes Barr Flavours, D’N’B, IRN-BRU, Le Joli, San Benedetto, Rubican RAW, Snapple, Sun Exotic, Bundaberg, Funkin, KA, OMJ!, Rubicon, Simply, Strathmore, Tizer and Xyber.

 Barr Flavours is a fun, young and energetic brand with diverse range of flavors and packaging formats since 1875; it includes products like Shandy, Red kola, soda water, Xtra Cola, Appleade, Bubblegum, Cherryade, cola, cream soda, diet cola, diet lemonade, ginger beer, lemonade, Limeade, Orangeade, pineapple and Raspberryade. Dandelion and Burdock (D’N’B) origin with root beer and sarsaparilla and is made from lightly fermented root extracts. IRN-BRU is one of the biggest carbonate soft drink brands launched in 1901 in Scotland and contains 32 flavors some of its products are IRN-BRU energy no sugar, IRN-BRU, IRN-BRU XTRA, IRN-BRU Energy etc. Le Joli is a natural flavored sparkling water infused its drinks includes Sicilian Lemon Mandarin, Scottish Raspberry Rhubard and Mexican Lime Mint. San Benedetto was founded in 1956, is made from the first squeeze of the fruit and its products includes Clementina and Limone. Rubican RAW is a energy drink that contain natural caffeine, B-Vitamins, Ginseng, Guarana and fruit juice and its product include Raspberry & Blueberry, Orange & Mango and Cherry & Pomegranate. Snapple develops, produce and market wide variety of premium drink which is sold in UK and 11 European country, and its products are Fruit Punch, Kiwi Strawberry, Lemonade, Mango etc. Sun Exotic provides a range exotic juice with vitamins A, C, E to help immune system; its products are Sparkling pineapple & Coconut juice, still Tropical juice, Still Citrus Twist juice etc. Bundaberg Brewed drinks is offered by an Australian family-owned business that offer Ginger beer, root beer, lemon, lime, and bitter peach flavor drink. Funkin is a standalone business unit that provides a range of purees, syrups, mixers, and cocktails. KA offers a wide range of authentic and great tasting drinks like Ginger Beer, fruit punch still, black grape still, black grape sparkling, Karibbean Kola etc. OML! Is a fruit drink available in both still and lightly sparkling varieties, launched in 2016.

Rubicon offers big, bold, and authentic flavor drinks in different flavor. Simply offers a range of 100% quality and tasty fruit juice. Strathmore offers pure, clean spring water. Tizer is a unique and innovative soft drink and Xyber is a energy drink brand.

Contact Information

company address Westfield House, 4 Mollins Road G68 9HD United Kingdom

company phone+44.330.3903900

company websitehttps://www.agbarr.co.uk/  

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