Founded in 1991, Advanced Medical Solutions Group Plc is global leading independent developer and producer of innovative and technologically advanced products for the advanced surgical, wound care and wound closure markets. The company manufactures its products in two sites in the UK, one in Netherland and two in Germany and one in the Czech Republic. It markets its products across 77 countries through a network of multinational or regional partners and distributors, as well as through its own direct sales forces in Germany, Russia, UK and the Czech Republic. The company’s acquisition includes Advanced Medical Solutions (Plymouth) Limited hydrophilic polyurethane manufacturer corpura B.V, RESORBA Wundversorgung Gmbh & Co KG, Sealantis Limited, Biomatlante SA and Raleigh Adhesive Coatings Limited.  The company’s shares are traded on the Alternative Investment market (AIM) of the London Stock Exchange as LON: AMS.

The company produces a wide range of products and material that includes foams, Collagen, Cyanoacrylates, hydrocolloid, hydrogels, Internal Sealants, Oxidised Cellulose, alginates, haemostats and sutures. The company operates through two main divisions that include Surgical and Woundcare. The Surgical segment is engaged in driving sales, innovation and distribution for its brands including RESORBA and LiquiBand in Germany, UK and the Czech Republic. It is responsible for the R&D activities of Medical adhesives, collagens, sutures and sealants. The LiquiBand brand products offer innovative solutions to close wounds and minimize adverse surgical outcomes. 

Its technologies are developed and marketed for use in operating theaters, emergency room and extended care environments and its LiquiBand Fix8 device is a safe and effective device that secure implantable mesh to underlying tissue for laparoscopic hernia repair. The RESORBA brand offers a wide range of sutures, used to close wounds and a range of bio-surgical products that may be used as scaffolds and haemostats for tissue growth. Its suture range includes a wide range of nonabsorbable and absorbable sutures, with mono and multifilament threads and a wide range of needle shapes and sizes. Its brands include GLYCOLON, RESOPREN, CAPROLON and MOPYLEN that are sold in hospitals, oral surgeons and private practices.  Its RESORBA biosurgical products include Resodura, COLLAGENresorb and GENTACOLL that are applicable to the oral surgery market.

The Woundcare segments support the company’s business-to-business partners and third-party convertors with a range of products that is globally competitive and comprises technology, intellectual property and know-how. It offers its products through Activheal brand that offers advanced wondcare dressings to NHS in the UK. 

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company phone+44.1606.863500

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