How NZX 50 Trading Session Ended? | NZ Market Update

On February 22, 2021, NZX 50 ended the trading session in red as there was a fall of 0.98% to 12,426 and NZX 20 declined by 1.19% to 8,055. On the same day, NZX 10 fell by 1.02% to 12,429. Notably, financials sector declined by 0.09% and healthcare sector declined by 2%. Gainers and Losers: Skellerup Holdings Ltd (NZX: SKL) (up by 8.33%) and Pacific Edge Ltd (NZX: PEB) (up by 6.93%) were the gainers.

Half-Year results highlight for 4 NZ stocks - TCL, CNU, HGH, FRE With the earnings season on, there are several companies that have done well over the course of 6 months and several that have not.

• TCL announced its half-yearly results, 5.4% dividend yield, while the net asset value return was 6.9%.

• Chorus Limited announced N$473M in revenue, with EBITDA guidance of N$640M to N$660M.

• The Net operating income for Heartland Group Holdings Limited was recorded to be N$125.3M. Is NZ Tourism living up to its campaign ‘100% Pure New Zealand’?

• As per the latest report, Upton has suggested tourism industry to compensate for the services and environment damage inflicted by them.

• Stats NZ mentioned that GHG emissions reduced by 8.1% during the lockdown period but increased by 9.1% in the following 3 months.



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