Take a look at 3 NZX-listed growth stocks in September

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Take a look at 3 NZX-listed growth stocks in September

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 Take a look at 3 NZX-listed growth stocks in September
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  • Growth stocks are those that may grow higher than the average market rate.
  • They carry some risks with them too.
  • RAK announces its earnings guidance for FY23. 

With rising inflation and an uncertain global economic environment, investing in markets may be a interesting option for some looking to manage the rising cost of living.

However, confusion often prevails around investment strategies and the methodologies to choose stocks. The growth investing strategy is when the focus is on increasing the capital of an investor, but in economically challenging times, an average investor tends to become risk-averse.

Let's examine how these NZX-listed growth stocks are doing on the NZX in September.

Rakon Limited (NZX:RAK)

Rakon is a NZX-listed telecommunications company. Recently, it announced its earnings guidance for FY23 in which, it said that it expected its EBITDA to be between NZ$36 million and NZ$44 million. The guidance, Rakon said is in line with market expectations. The EBITDA for FY23 will be comparable to the record achieved in FY22.

The company reported investing in new areas with opportunities and shifting to a new facility in Bengaluru, India. Accordingly, it added, there could be some pressure on the capital, therefore, the EBITDA guidance for FY23 is a bit subdued.

RAK has given a one-year return of 85.87%. On 8 September, it was trading down by 1.57% at NZ$1.25, at the time of writing.

Sky Network Television Limited (NZX:SKT)

In its full-year results announced in August, media company SKT reported a net profit of NZ$62 million and revenue growth of 4%. The highlight of the result announcement was that SKT returned to paying dividends after reporting a 41% rise in its net profit for the first time in six years. It also plans to return NZ$70 million to its shareholders.

On 8 September, the stock was trading down 0.30% to NZ$2.34, at the time of writing.

Serko Limited (NZX:SKO)

SKO is an online trading platform that uses predictive workflow and intelligent technology for travel booking. The company expects a recovery after travel restrictions have been lifted in both Australasia and the new markets it is entering. SKO expects to double its revenue in FY23 and is looking at acquiring new businesses, it said in a statement.

On 8 September, the stock was trading up 0.20% to NZ$3.590, at the time of writing.

Bottom Line

Investors need to do their independent research and due diligence to choose which growth stocks to invest in. 

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